Fun with Fuchsia OOTD

August 7, 2017


 For those of you who follow us on Instagram, we were taking guesses last night about what the next color story was, but we admit that was kinda tricky of us.  Not sure how many people would have actually guessed fuschia, but if you did and didn't tell us well then you win our respect and undying devotion!!  It's been a bit crazy for us over here as we are trying to prep for the next few weeks of posts.  My wedding is just around the corner and Connie is leaving town so we have been wildly coordinating to make sure we don't ever leave you guys hanging.


So without further ado, I'm going to show you two looks you can try with one gorgeous pattern!  When we were shopping, Connie and I fell in love with this floral print at Topshop.  The first one I picked up was actually a dress and then I found the body suit and I could not for the life of me decide which one was better.  So I said to heck with it and decided to share both with you!



For those of you who are looking for a more exciting version of the LBD "Little Black Dress" we found this




It's absolutely perfect for a night on the town or a special event.  It's got a sheer shoulder which partially covers up your arms if you're feeling self conscious about them.  And I'm a huge fan of off the shoulder looks, but normally they are so impractical!  I feel like if it snagged or someone pulled down the top we are at high risk of a total flasher moment LOL.  However, with the tiny spaghetti straps here, you have no fear of that problem.  The fabric is light and stretchy so it will accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.  



The back also has a sheer panel so you can go braless and it will be very elegant, but if you do wear a black bra it actually works just fine!



And my two favorite accessories for this look are my shoes and lipstick!  These MINUIT SLIDE SANDALS BY JEFFREY CAMPBELL are so fun... they reminded us of our barbies growing up and are a fun alternative to the regular black pumps.  Did you guys ever wear gel sandals??  Well these are pretty much the adult version:)  They are narrow at the toe so if you have wide, flat feet like I do they're going to take some time to stretch to your size.  


And as for the lipstick, Connie introduced me to THE LIPSTICK LOBBY and I fell in love.  Not only is the color vivid, but it stayed on for quite a few hours and kept my lips moisturized.  And most importantly, this lipstick is all about a great cause.  We'll talk about it more on Wednesday, but if you're curious read about them HERE.


 For the second look we found a matching BARDOT BODYSUIT!!  


Body suits have been around since I was a kid so it doesn't feel foreign wearing one.  Kinda feels like like a one piece bathing suit, but with many benefits.  It comes with snaps by your crotch so you can easily get in and out of it for the restroom, it keeps the top in place and you never have to fear looking frumpy cuz your shirt's all bunched up!  



 And I found these SPLIT HEM PEG LEG TROUSERS from Topshop to match!  What's great about this look is that it's super versatile.  If you're not as adventurous and think the top is exciting enough you can pair it with a black pair of pants and it will look just as classy!  I paired this with a black clutch and my STEVE MADDEN DAISIE POINTY TOE PUMP and voila!  we have ourselves a totally different OOTD from the same pattern.


So which one do you prefer?  We'd love to hear your feedback!




Soma & Ulte




P.S.  Here are outtakes






CONNIE IS IN MY SUNNIES!!!   Photographer extraordinaire!



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