#Real Talk: How The Blogging World Challenges Our Confidence

August 9, 2017


When we first started Soma & Ulte there were a lot of unknowns, but the one thing we felt confident about was our creativity.  We knew that we could come up with ideas, we could help each other in our respective fields (Connie with interiors and fashion for me), and that at the end of the day it was always going to be fun as long as we were together.  However, the things we didn't predict were the waves of self-doubt that would accompany starting a business, particularly in the blogging world.  


We've come a long way since we launched last September and we want to share some of the emotional rollercoasters along the way.  Hopefully if you're starting your own blog our experiences will help you, or at the very least, comfort you.  You are not alone!  


Here are a few of the things about being a blogger that we struggle with the most:


1.  Are we even good at this?


When it comes to starting the blog, it is so hard not to compare yourself to others.  In fact, we had to!  To understand your niche and also your marketing strategy, we were told we needed to assess the competition.  So we did our research and we started really looking at the people we admire.  After a while we started getting really down and self conscious.  These people have so many followers, likes, and engagement ... how could we ever match up??  We started measuring our creative worth to the numbers and Connie and I took turns questioning ourselves (thank goodness it has not happened simultaneously).  It was and sometimes still is very disheartening for us.  However, in the hard times we remember this quote by Theodore Roosevelt, "Comparison is the thief of joy."   A lot of the most successful bloggers out there were not overnight success stories.  They are in their 7th-10th year in!  So if you're having doubts in yourself remember to not let the numbers dictate the content you create or the confidence within. 


 Image from blogilates.com



2.  Can we just hire body doubles??  


It was slightly devastating to us when we realized that WE had to be the face of our brand = we had to be in our own photos.  We work in the film and commercial industry and yet both of us intentionally chose jobs behind the scenes.   Our first photoshoot was extremely tough.  We had my fiancee take the images and neither of us could stop nit-picking at ourselves.  We are not instagram models nor do we have the desire to be... so of course, self doubt crept back in.  Putting ourselves up for the world to judge was not something we were prepared for, but it wasn't necessarily the world that was the issue.  In fact, it was us!!    Being in our own photos was and has been a mirror for the way we see ourselves and nothing is uglier than the voice of negativity.  This blog has really forced us to TRULY see that self love is challenging, yet absolutely necessary.  We can't say we've perfected this at all, but we always say to each other "If only you could see yourself the way that I see you... beautiful inside and out!"  




3.  Can we make a difference?


And the last challenge we continue face is the doubt of whether or not we can make a difference on this platform.  The blogsphere is so oversaturated with content these days that we find ourselves feeling lost in the abyss.   We want to inspire others with our projects and our goal in the future would be to give back to the community, but there are times when we get caught up.  Will anyone care about what we have to say?  Will we be ostracizing a group if we share our beliefs?  It has taken us some time to accept it, but perhaps it's with us being in our 30s that we feel more confident than ever to share our personal thoughts.  For instance, when we mentioned THE LIPSTICK LOBBY on our last post we wanted to promote them because 100% of their net profits go to Planned Parenthood- a cause we both care very much about.   However, there was initial doubt that we should do it.  We understand that it could be bad business to promote something that is not universally accepted, but ultimately this was important to us as human beings and as women.  Overall it's been really imperative for us to stay true to what we care about because by not defaulting to what we think everyone accepts, we will hopefully raise awareness and make a difference somehow.  



So there you have it... the top 3 things about blogging that challenge us!  We hope that by sharing this we can help someone who is going through the same process and reassure them that nothing is instagram perfect.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We are always up to spread the love!




Soma & Ulte


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