#Real Talk: June & Connie Talk About Their Personal Style

August 16, 2017


So when you scroll through our blog or our Instagram it is pretty clear that Connie and I have very eclectic interests and skills.  However, you all prolly don't know much about who's who in the world of style.  Well, we are taking time on today's post to let you in on our go-to ways and how it helps guide what we choose to wear on the blog!




Seeing as it is my full time job to dress people up in different clothes, it is no wonder that I have a hard time nailing down my personal style!  If you ask my fiancee, he'd probably be stumped as to how to describe what I look like on a daily basis as I am an ever changing chameleon in his eyes.  I am often inspired by the characters I am creating when I'm costume designing or styling for a project and now that Soma & Ulte is a huge part of my life/routine, I'd say my range has grown even further.  If I had a to list my every day style, I'd say the following:


-I'm most likely wearing something bright or neon

-if I'm going out somewhere nice i'll definitely wear higher heels

-if I'm just hanging out I'm usually in ripped jeans and a crop top, a onesie of some sort, or straight up pajamas

-if I'm going to work I'll more likely than not be dressed up kinda fancy and wearing a hat of some sort

-my hair is usually down unless I'm eating, hot, working, or sewing (which is 90% of my time)

-I am always wearing rings and I have a healthy rotation

-I will 100% choose open-toed shoes 100% of the time (Unless rain or snow is involved)

-I gravitate towards graphic and bold patterns 

-Completely not opposed to super sexy outfits or bodycon dresses

-I am highly allergic to preppy clothes (I'll tell you guys about why one day lol)


For these reasons and quite a few others, is exactly why Connie and I wore what we wore for the DENIM ON DENIM OOTD.  My last reason alone probably tipped you guys off as to why I didn't volunteer to showcase the put together "Prep" look!  But overall I'd say the way you guys see me in all of the #OOTDs, it's clear that my style is ALL OVER THE PLACE and, at times, can be very loud.  Honestly, I think denim is the closest to neutral for me (other than wearing all white).  And I know that's why having Connie as my partner-in-crime is the best cuz she reels me in and her clean aesthetic always inspires me.  Not to say that we're always like this, but I think this photo of us together kind of explains it all:





I feel like trying to quickly describe ones personal style would be nearly impossible for anyone, because no one is just one thing. That is actually one of the building blocks Soma & Ulte was built on. We all have varied style and taste and that can be determined by setting, occasion, or simply the mood you're in that day! My style can change so quickly based on a movie I watch, a song I hear, or an image I see. And the best part about clothes is that it can completely change the way you feel and bring out different sides to your personality!! But for the sake of trying to explain our personal styles I'd probably have to break it down into decades. 


The number one decade that always inspires me and feels the most natural to me day to day is the 70s. I don't mean discos 70s (although if I'm going out for a special occasion the more sparkly and closer to a disco ball I can look the better!) I'm referring more to the high waisted denim, rocker tees, suede mini skirts, over the knee boots, super low v-neck lines, and big hats. While all these things alone sound over the top, the 70s was all about keeping hair and makeup natural which kept it from looking excessive. I love how sexy jeans and a tee shirt can be because these lines work to show off your curves without exposing too much. But I will just as easily go for a mini dress with a plunging neckline and feel equally as sexy as the jeans and tee. (Reformation is one of my go to's for dresses). All that being said a lot of 70s fashion works better on more straight up and down figures, and since I'm most definitely not that I also tend to gravitate toward 50s silhouettes. Anything that cinches in at the waist always works for my my body since I have a smaller waist and bigger hips and booty. I'm also obsessed with the looks from the 40s and if I had any hair and makeup skills I'd for sure make that a go to for dressed up, special occasions. But regardless of which decade is inspiring me I think "restraint" is my personal mantra. If I do a plunging neckline either the hem will be longer or it will have sleeves to cover my arms. If I'm wearing a top that exposes my back and arms I will most likely wear it with jeans. As for color I do tend to keep it neutral, as in nothing too loud. When I wear a color it will be a richer, deeper, and more saturated color. And the number one things you can pretty much always count on me wearing is lots of layered dainty gold jewelry (at this moment I have 5 earrings, 6 rings, 2 necklaces, and 2 bracelets on) and sandals. Because I'm 5'10" you'll almost never see me wearing heels so I have acquired quite the sandals collection.


But one of the best parts of Soma & Ulte is that I get to live out all the styles I would never wear through June. For example, the one thing you will never EVER see me in is a neon crop top, but she looks so darn cute in it!! It's actually a running joke when we're shopping for our OOTD's, June will almost always pick out a crop top and when she does I give her the look that it ain't gonna happen! But I always trust my partner in crime, she's never picking it out for me.



We hope this was fun and interesting for y'all! Is this the kind of thing you wanna hear more about? Do y'all want to see more of our day to day styles? Let us know, we can always start sharing more on our instastories!




Soma & Ulte




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