#Real Talk: Connie Throws June a Bridal Shower!

August 23, 2017



This past weekend, Connie threw me the best bridal shower a girl could ask for... and I think the above blurry picture of us pretty much says it all :).  Despite previously telling her I don't need one, in true Soma fashion she refused to accept it and reminded me that it's important to celebrate and also stated that it didn't have to be traditional... she knows I'm allergic to that word LOL.  We are indeed alike as we love to throw parties and decorate and shower others with attention and gifts, however, we kinda hate it when it comes to doing that for ourselves!  So as she secretly planned my shindig, I anxiously awaited to see what she was up to.   


So I was told that I couldn't go over to her house for a whole week as she already started prepping for it days in advance.  It felt weird she was keeping a secret from me and all I could get was her excited voice on the other line saying "I cant WAIT for you to see everything!!!!"  I think her happiness alone made me feel such love that it didn't even matter if there was anything going on at all.  It could've just been me, her, and a bag of chips and I would've been elated.  But again, in true Soma fashion she went waaaaaaay beyond.  



When I walked into the house she had decorated the whole place as a "Succulents" theme in honor of the very first time we talked about me getting married.  In fact this inside joke came about loooooong before I was even engaged!  We were at the Rose Bowl flea market at a local plant vendor talking up a storm and when we got to a table full of tiny succulents she abruptly became silent.  I asked her what was wrong and she choked out these words: "I just had a moment thinking about how cute this would be at your wedding!!" and she totally started to get teary-eyed, which then made me start to cry!  And ever since then we call any significant moment that is worth crying for a "Succulents moment."  And thus, she used this picture I painted from our previous post as inspiration for the theme.



Connie and her loving assistant (boyfriend) decorated the entire house in green and pink ... just like the little painting.  The ribbons on the ceiling were just magical!  



On top of that she also blew up green balloons and drew cactus spikes on them and made these cute pom pom cacti, which adorned the mantle.  I just died over how adorable they were!  Totally think she should do this as a DIY.  What do you guys think??



Connie also made this awesome sign that says "BRIDE TRIBE" on it, which was used as an awesome backdrop for pics.  This is me with my friend, Ada:)  She'll be doing my makeup and hair for the wedding!



She also made a super delicious Tangerine mojito, which you guys will learn how to make this Friday!!!!  YES.  GET EXCITED!!!  It went perfect with the tacos she had catered for the event.



And, of course, my personal favorite touch was the fact that she designed this gorgeous succulents cake through Susie Cakes!!!  AHHHH it was almost too delicious to eat!!  And this picture doesn't do it justice, whatsoever!


 Ashley making the light up wreaths that will hang above the wedding site!


Although you would think I'd be a ball of tears at this point I was soooo good about holding back the water works until we got to the meat of the day.  It was Connie's brilliant idea to skip the games and the long gift-opening process and turned the shower into an arts and crafts day!  She knew how much I had to do and since I'm DIYing a lot of things myself, Connie got everything together so that all the ladies could help me with important items for the wedding.  From the lights to fabric for the table to invitation stuffing and papercrafts, it meant THE WORLD to me that the things that I'd be using for my actual wedding was done by some of my most talented friends.  As I was watching everyone take over a task I just broke down in the happiest tears because it meant so much to me.  It lifted a huge burden I didn't even know I had and it made me so grateful to be surrounded by such loving people.  For those of you who are looking for an awesome bridal shower... an arts and crafts theme is the way to go!!


Ashley, Shelley, Me, Nicole, & my mama 

 ...with Connie this time!



And to put the cherry on top, my mom flew in from Virginia to share this awesome day with me.  So thank you to my Soma for giving me the best bridal shower ever!!  I am so lucky to have you as my soulmate.









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