4 Ways to Style Your Favorite Bandana

August 28, 2017


Connie and I may have different styles on a day-to-day basis, but I think if we could have our way we'd probably choose to twin it up ALL THE TIME.  Whenever we find something awesome, it's usually a matter of buying two of it cuz 99% of the time we'll both wanna rock it.  These bodysuits from Cotton On were no exception.  When I first passed by them on the clearance rack I didn't really think too much of them, but then once I caught glimpse of the words-- I was sold!!!  I actually bought these for all of my brides babes and we will probably wear them at some point during the wedding week :)


 For this week's OOTD we are gonna show you 4 different ways to style your bandana.  This is not a new fashion trend, but it's been quite popular lately as an awesome accessory to spice up a simple outfit.  Between Connie and I, I'm pretty sure we own almost every single bandana Madewell has ever made, but you don't have to spend a fortune to get the look.  In fact, we are using red bandanas we found at Michaels!  This styling trend is perfect for the girl on the go....


1.  The Sailor

a.  Fold your square bandana into a triangle.

b.  Roll the fabric very tightly until you get to the end.

c.  Wrap the folded fabric around your neck with the two ends at the front

d.  Tie the two ends into a knot


Tip:  For a more romantic and effortless look be sure to pick a silk bandana.  It immediately makes a simple outfit into something chic in less than a minute!



2.  The Rosie 

 We love this look because it reminds us of the female empowerment icon, Rosie the Riveter!  It's also great if you're having a crappy hair day and want a fast and cute way to hide it LOL.  


a.  Fold your bandana in half.

b.  Fold it in half again.

c.  Wrap the fabric from front to back.  Width is up to you, but we like our to be thicker.  Make sure to wrap it over your ears!  We don't want any Dumbo ears here haha

 d.  Tie the ends of the fabric into a knot and tuck the ends underneath the fabric!



3.  The Outlaw

 This look is another fast go-to to spice up a simple top.  


a.  Fold your bandana into a triangle.

b.  Roll the fabric a few times to get the front length you'd like for your final look.

c.  Wrap the fabric around your neck with the ends at the back.

d.  Tie the back up into a knot!




4.  The Twist


a.  Fold your bandana in half.

b.  Roll the fabric into 2 inch folds.

c.  Twist the middle of the bandana.

d.  Wrap the fabric around your head and knot it in the back!





Red Bandana $2.49

Best Babes Bodysuit no longer avail, but here's a plain white sleeveless bodysuit for $16.99

Madewell High Waisted Jeans $135

Bow T-Strap Heels $128








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