The Designers Secret to Picture Perfect Bookshelves

September 1, 2017

How many times have y'all been looking through interior designers blogs or Instagram accounts and been left feeling like you could get that same look if only you had all the coordinating pieces? Well you're right! They have treasure troves of accent pieces they bring out just to style the pictures we all drool over. But just because we don't all have those pieces at our disposal doesn't mean we can't create an equally drool worthy room! I think y'all know by now that I love repurposing pieces I already own to work in any scenario. Bookshelves or "shelfies" are one of those things so many people are left scratching their heads about how to style and today I'm going to let y'all in on a huge secret! You can make all your favorite books look exactly how you want!

So this is what my dresser looked like before. Not terrible but all the different color books and fonts look a little messy. So I thought back to my middle school days when I had my sister wrap all my school books in brown paper bags and decided to give that idea a little face lift! Below I'll give you a step-by-step how to on covering books.

 All you need is your paper of choice, a ruler, scissors, and whatever book you're covering


Once you've selected the paper you want to use (I got THIS paper from Papersource) put your book in the center of the paper.

Then measure 2" around all sides of the book

 Then cut the paper down to size




Then fold up the edges of the top and bottom of the book

Then move the book to firmly press down the creases on top and bottom

 Put your book back on top of the paper and again measure 2" from the right side of the paper

Fold the left side of the paper over the front cover of the book

And close the book to make sure it's a snug fit without ripping the paper

Then tuck the book cover into the paper sleeve. And repeat with back book cover

And now you have all color coordinated books! And feel free to have fun with book titles like we did!

Now you can play around with your book placement; the matching colors make it much easier to mix up the orientation. And we guarantee you'll have fun going back to school days while covering your books!



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