#Real Talk: A Dream Come True

September 6, 2017


Happy Humpday everyone!! Or if you're like us you thought today was tuesday; we always love a short week but dang if stuff doesn't sneak up on you! Especially when we are exactly 1 WEEK away from June's wedding!! Seriously, where the heck does time go?? Between June's wedding, my going home for my sister to have her baby and then jumping straight into holidays (yes, October sets off the holidays for us) we feel like time is flying. But we wanted to take a minute to acknowledge what's happening right now, hence the title of this post.


In a couple weeks it will be Soma & Ulte's first birthday!! When June and I first started working on our little corner of the interwebs we had so many ideas for projects and photoshoots and this past monday's post was one of those photoshoots realized! From the beginning we wanted to do a shoot that really showed and celebrated our friendship and how fun and goofy it is; that is the reason we started S&U after all! We had so much fun shooting our Retro Roller skate OOTD and we're wondering, do y'all want to see more stuff like that?? All y'all mean the world to us so we want to be sure we're giving y'all what you want! Let us know! And we are beyond excited to share all the wedding details with y'all, you're seriously gonna be blown away by all that June has done!! So much to get be excited and thankful for over here! But for now, happy Wednesday!!

 From our days before having a real camera, just relying on the trusty ol iPhone selfie


 Clearly we have "our sides" for pics, this may or may not have something to do with my freakishly long arms and being right handed :D



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