Styling Your Favorite Sweater from Day to Night

September 11, 2017


We are only 11 days until the first day of Fall and after all of these heat waves we are experiencing in LA (and fires) we are actually looking forward to it COMPLETELY.  Despite the sweltering weather, the trees have been shedding their leaves and even on the day of this photoshoot we got a rare thunderstorm that showered us with happiness!!!  During this transitional time, I want to show you how to take a simple garment in your closet and how to make the most of it.  So today I'll teach you how to style your favorite sweater from day to night!





So one of the easiest ways to go from day to night is to pick an article of clothing that can easily make that transition.  In this case, I chose this SILVER SHIMMERY METALLIC SWEATER.  One of the great things about metallic colors (gold, silver, etc) is that it can often be used throughout the day as a fun neutral, especially if you are afraid of wearing colorful clothes!  



What I love about this sweater is that I can start my day with my lightweight white button down and cuffed blue jeans, and then if the temperature drops or I'm stuck in a freezing air conditioned office, I can throw it on and it will add warmth without wearing an actual jacket.  This goes for most chunky sweaters, but not all sweaters can pull this off so keep that in mind!  Don't try to add a super tight sweater over your button down... it will not only stretch it out but it could also look extremely unflattering.  I tucked in my chunky sweater because I want to add shape to an otherwise boxy sweater.  




And as a fun accessory I chose these PLATFORM OXFORD SHOES to keep with the casual, cool vibe.  You can also wear these with an all black outfit and make it the focal point!  Either way, they're a great alternative to the average oxfords AND they give you height.  If these are just too trendy for you, you can go with a these simple gray chucks!






I love this styling trick because it is SO SO EASY!!  If you're on the go and don't have time to head home to get all dolled up all you need is  your sweater, a black skirt and black heels to take you from a casual daytime look to a trendy nighttime look.  As you will see I don't even need to even change your make up or hair and yet now it is a world of a difference!



The FIREBALL STUD EARRINGS I'm wearing come in a set and they're on sale right now for $19.99!!  I'm wearing them for both daytime and nighttime looks.  




And again I tucked in the sweater in order to give more shape.  Since the sweater is already oversized, choosing a more form fitting skirt will help balance out your silhouette without adding additional weight!




And if you want to make the night look into a fancier daytime outfit go ahead and add a black fedora and some sunnies!


So there you have it, our easy tip for the #OOTD!!!




Soma & Ulte


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