#Real Talk: Sneak Peek of June's Thai Wedding

September 18, 2017

 Picture by:  Little Boat Photography



Today is a special edition of #RealTalk because (a) it's not actually Wednesday and (b) I finally get to share with you guys that I got hitched!!  YAYYYYY!!  I done got me a husband!!!  :):):)  


Last Thursday, Jace and I got married in the mountains of Idyllwild, CA where we first met.  To be honest, I'm still reeling over all of the emotions.  It was almost a happiness blackout because I don't remember a lot of it despite being totally sober! Other people have been telling me stories about what happened or what I said and I've been reliving it through the videos and photos that have been trickling in.  As I reflect on it now, it was (and still is) a completely out of body experience.  I'm soaring in the sky!!  Did anyone else feel this way on and after their wedding??


Connie, of course, was also there for the ride and the morning of the wedding we shared a quiet cry on each other's shoulders in her cabin.  The amount of love I had for her and our friendship in that moment was so strong because she has been helping me prep, create, and organize since day 1 and we both couldn't believe that it was finally here!!  I could not have asked for a better partner-in-design!!!  


Jace and I had two ceremonies that happened back to back, and being that I'm a costume designer, it was no surprise that we had multiple costume changes.  Growing up as a first generation Thai American, I always knew that I would have two weddings.  My Thai self wanted to honor my parents and their beautiful heritage and my American self wanted to honor all of those years of watching 'Say Yes to the Dress.  HA!  Kidding!  But really, once I met Jace I knew I'd want to also have a ceremony for our vows so I could shout to the world how much I love him!!!  Sure, a ring ceremony and that final kiss isn't so bad either, but that's what I was most looking forward to.  Although I was never the girl who had been dreaming of her day since she was 5, I definitely started thinking about those iconic American traditions once we got engaged.  I actually predicted a lot of how we were going to feel and react for that ceremony, but NOTHING ... and I mean nothing could have prepared us for the shock we felt during the Thai ceremony.  Connie could definitely vouch for how beautiful and intensely emotional it was.  I don't think Jace and I have ever cried harder in public in our lives!


Once I get more pictures from our amazing photographer, Safeena Padder, I will go ahead and do a thorough rundown of both ceremonies so I promise not to keep you guys hanging!  For now, though, I will leave you with this teaser image... and I think my gigantic smile says it all.


I am a very, very happy woman.  




Soma & Ulte


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