Champagne S'il Vous Plait

September 22, 2017

 Between June's wedding last week and our first birthday next week, we have a lot to celebrate over here at Soma & Ulte! And while champagne alone always feels like a celebration we thought to ourselves, how can we add more sparkle to our bubbly? Duh, gold sequins!!! Add these drink stirrers to any drink and we guarantee it'll instantly feel like a party!

All you need are some gold sequin appliqué stars, felt in a similar color (we picked two shades of yellow because we weren't sure which would match the best, ultimately we went with the darker shade), bamboo skewers, some scissors and some glue. 

Start by placing your appliqué star on the felt and tracing the outline. Then cut your star out!


 Then glue your bamboo skewer to the back of the appliqué star. Make sure you put the skewer to come out of the middle of the bottom two points. Then once the glue on the skewer is dry, trace the outline of the felt star with the glue and place it on top of the appliqué and skewer and let that dry.




And there you have it!! These would be perfect for any special occasion, party you're hosting, or a Tuesday! There's really no time that gold sequins are a bad idea!


Happy celebrating!


Soma & Ulte


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