The Perfect Weekend Getaway Outfit

September 25, 2017


After a small hiatus for my wedding we are back with another edition of the the #OOTD!  It has been a whirlwind for us over here with family & friends visiting from out of town and events happening every day.  At one point when Connie was over she said that it totally felt like a wedding house... with the hustle and bustle, tons of people, consistently high energy, and warmth of love.  So now that it is all over, my husband (still getting used to saying that!) and I are going through major withdrawal, but  we are happy to finally return to a less chaotic lifestyle.  Does anyone else need quiet time to recharge?  



So to keep the peaceful vibes going, Connie and I headed to the Santa Monica mountains for some fun, relaxation, and fresh air.  Since we are freelancers we don't always get the weekends off, but when we do we try to escape from the busy city life and embrace the great outdoors.  So if you're looking for an easy breezy look for a weekend getaway, this #ootd is exactly what you need!  



When you're out in the sun you'll want to always wear a lighter colored top and, if you're out there for an extensive period of time, you'll definitely want it to be long-sleeved.  This embroidered dotted mesh top is great because it not only keeps you safe from those UV rays, but it's airy enough to welcome in a breeze.  On top of that, the gorgeous embroidery and ruffled edges gives it such a romantic feel.  



For flexibility and to match the earthy feel, I paired the top with these sage green pants.  I have to say that I am officially a huge fan of stretchy jeans from Zara.  Their denim is comfortable, durable, and most importantly, AFFORDABLE!  It's great for a 5'4 gal like me.  However, if you have long legs like Connie (she's 5'10) you might have a harder time finding the appropriate length for you. Most of her jeans are from Madewell because they come in tall sizes!  




The next two accessories are our splurge items so do not have a heart attack when you see the price!  As the weather transitions, we have been on the hunt for quality items that will last through multiple seasons. Although normally we don't like to promote expensive things, sometimes we'll do it for classic pieces.   



These suede shoes are featured because Connie and I have been looking for a great pair of brown boots for the winter and these were the closest we could find that could be worn casually with pants or dresses.  We also love the chunkier wooden heel and the top stitching.  On a different note .... please, please don't go hiking in these boots.  They're great for leisurely walks on dry land.  Water will ruin suede!


This hat from Rag & Bone is great if you love the outdoors and want to stylishly keep your face shaded from the sun.  It is perfect for chilly days and cold winters because it is 100% wool and will keep your head very warm.



Oh!  I almost forgot... this outtake of me hurting myself on this plant shows off these gorgeous tassel earrings:)  They're great for both casual and dressy occasions- so two for the price of 1!






Embroidered Dotted Mesh Top $39.90



Midrise Jeans $39.90



Tassel Hoop Earrings $32.00



Fedora Hat from Rag & Bone $189



Brenner Boot in Suede $210



Have a great week!


Soma & Ulte






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