#Real Talk:  OH HEY!  We Turned 1!

September 27, 2017



HOLY MOLY, BATMAN!!!  We are officially 1 and we cannot believe it!!!!  To celebrate we are gonna take a brief walk down memory lane:)


This was our very first picture together when we were brainstorming becoming a dynamic design duo.  We weren't quite ready to show the world our faces yet... cuz we hate being in pictures so much.  MY HAVE THINGS CHANGED!!  Well technically neither of us are still thrilled about being in pics but we had to get over that reaaaaaaaal quick!  😂😂😂


Before Soma & Ulte we would go over to each other's houses, create messy DIY projects, and find reasons to dress up.  It may or may not have perplexed our significant others because we were so dedicated/obsessed with celebrating all the holidays in a totally epic way for no reason other than the PURE JOY of it!  Now at least we have a reason lol :)

Halloween was our very first handmade #OOTD and our very first home decor DIY!!!  

There was (and still is) no reason why we wouldn't do absolutely mundane activities in matching clothes and silly props. Reindeer antlers are a must, but honestly, not even sure if this was even Christmas time 🤔😂!   This is truly a #rideordie memory 🙌🏽

 And things we normally just loved to do (like xmas tree hunting) has now turned into a staple Soma & Ulte tradition!  This will be our 3rd year doing it!!!

And the most noticeable changes are our hairstyles!!!  Connie was blonde when we became soulmates and I had bangs and crazy long hair.  We don't recognize these girls anymore lol.  

The one thing, of course, that hasn't changed is our love for each other, goofing off, and our love of being creative.  


Here's to 100 more years of laughter, goofiness, blog posts, and (hopefully) bringing some joy to the world.  


Thank you all for sticking around for our adventure!!!  Means everything to us!





Soma & Ulte 

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