Why Every Girl-On-the-Go Needs a Moto Jacket

October 2, 2017



I've definitely lost count of how many people I've dressed over the past 11 years, however, the one thing I know for sure is that I get asked a lot of questions about closet staples.  What shoes do I need to buy for every day wear?  What jeans should I buy that are comfy and last?  What jackets should I get for Fall/Winter?  Well there are the usual suspects of answers and I will dedicate a later post to your burning questions, but in honor of the fact we are officially in October, I will talk about my favorite Fall/Winter staple:  The Moto Jacket.  



The girl-on-the-go is always looking for fast and easy ways to look stylish and put together with little to no effort.  Because I am one of those girls I'm truly always seeking new and interesting ways to achieve that.  What's amazing about the Moto is that it offers just that perfect combo.   It's a brilliant example of a fashionable yet practical piece of clothing, which you guys know I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  It's casual enough to wear during the daytime with a simple t-shirt and jeans, yet you can bump it up for the night time and pair it with a sexy dress and heels.  I chose to show you guys a look that swings both occasions-- day or night! 


What is also brilliant about the Moto Jacket is that it's a style that has been around for decades and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere any time soon!  For those of you who do not know, the "classic" version of the moto is usually black and made from leather.  Although this is usually associated with biker culture (hence "Moto"/Motorcycle), it has now surpassed this niche into a much wider market.  As a fashion stylist, I think of the classic leather black Moto as a universal staple because 99% of the time it truly goes with anything I already have on.  Total no brainer.  Click HERE to see my new favorite!



If you already own a black leather moto, there are still so many other alternatives to explore!  I fell in love with this jacket from Zara because it's a totally new spin on an old favorite.  Not only is it made from a warm and extremely comfy faux suede, but it comes in colors like olive green and this exciting mustard yellow. 


When it comes to picking out your Moto, be sure to get one that


(a) you can actually zip up

(b) is form fitted to your body when it is zipped

(c) it doesn't go too far beyond your natural waist, especially if it has a boxier structure








Faux Suede Moto Jacket $59.99




Striped Dress $19.90


Safire Slouch Tote $65




Hot Toddy Pointed Suede Boots $110




Let us know what's your favorite Moto Jacket!




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