#RealTalk: I'm a new auntie again!!!

October 4, 2017


Happy Wednesday everyone!! I just got back home yesterday from visiting my sister for a couple weeks. She just had my precious sweet baby niece and I'm still lost in a baby fog. Anyone that knows me knows I am madly in love with/borderline obsessed with my nephew. He's two years old now and I have been all heart eyes over him since the day he was born. No joke, my boyfriend and I go to sleep almost every night watching his hysterical daily videos, I mean this kid is FUNNY! So I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little concerned that I wouldn't love my niece as much. I know that sounds harsh but I just thought there's no way I'm going to be able to love and adore another baby as much as I love him. Well boy was I wrong!! As soon as I held my little baby niece in my arms the heart swelling, falling head over heels in love happened all over again! I freely admit I am that aunt that has dozens and dozens of videos of them sleeping. Yeah, I literally watch videos of them sleeping! 


Part of why I think I feel extra connected to them is because I was lucky enough to be in the delivery room with my sister for both of them; which if you've ever tried to plan a trip around when a baby comes you know is not easy. Both my sister and I were so worried they might come early and I would miss it. With my nephew I flew in to see my sister and her water broke literally an hour after I landed; I like to think the little guy was waiting for me! My little niece decided to show up fashionable late and came after I was already with my sister for a few days and I'm so thankful I was able to be there for both. 


A big reason I wanted to write this post (other than bragging on my beautiful, funny, talented, and brilliant niece and nephew) is to talk about how amazed I am with my sister and all mamas out there. This baby thing is not easy! That my be the most obvious, duh statement ever but I saw it more than ever watching my sister and brother in law juggling two kids. Continuing to shower my nephew with love, attention, and praise while still tending to every need my niece has and giving her all the adoration she deserves is just that, a juggling act. And they're doing all that on little to no sleep. I know this is not news, especially to those parents out there, but having just spent the last two weeks with them I am in awe of them. I was doing all I could to be helpful and I was all too happy to hold that little girl all night long if it meant my sister got just a few hours of sleep (though I may have been causing more of a problem than helping by getting my niece used to being held all the time, sorry Casey and Shane!) 


Now I'm back home and my house has never felt so calm and serene, ha! And as wonderful a feeling as that is, a big part of me is actually missing all that chaos and lack of sleep, crazy I know! When I got home yesterday I lied down in bed at 1pm and crashed harder than I can ever remember. But when I woke up from that four hour nap I immediately just felt like it's my sister and brother in law that deserve those precious hours of sleep. The craziest part that came out of all this though is that in the midst of all the lack of sleep and figuring out the babies schedules and trying to find time just to take a shower (!) I feel more ready than ever to start my own family. Even when it's 3am and you haven't had more than 45 minutes of sleep you look at their sweet faces and it's all worth it! I am beyond grateful I got to spend these last couple weeks with them and already miss them more than words will ever be able to express! Now all I have to say is Hurry up holidays!! I can't wait to get back there!!


I hope y'all have a wonderful wednesday!!



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