The Perfect DIY Wall Hanging for Fall

October 6, 2017


If y'all are anything like me you like diy-ing as many projects as you can as long as they don't involve any real skill :) I can't draw or paint to save my life so I tend to look for projects that don't require those specific talents. But I had a blank space on my wall in my bedroom and had been struggling for a while with what I wanted to put there. Of course I could alway put a beautiful photo or painting there but I wanted something with more texture; so I came up with a super quick and easy idea and used a color that I love for fall, mustard yellow!

All you need are wooden embroidery hoops, I used 9" hoops, and some yarn.  


Start by simply tying a knot around one side of the hoop and bring the yarn straight down the middle from that knot.

 Then you're just going to keep wrapping the yarn around the hoop top to bottom. As you get closer to the sides the yarn does tend to want to slip a little but I found just using a teeny touch of glue made it stay just fine.

Then once you've finished wrapping your hoop with the yarn, snip the tail of yarn from your knot in the beginning and put your outside ring around the inside hoop to hold the yarn fully in place.

Keep doing this to as many hoops as you want in as many colors as you want!!

 Then proudly hang your new art!! See! I told ya, I'm all for the crafts that require no skill at all!


I love the texture this project adds to the room and I love the extra warmth it gives with this rich golden color! What do y'all think? I also think this could be a really cool idea if done in all black and white in a very large space making like 30 of them! If y'all give it a try we'd love to see what you do with it!


Happy crafting!


Soma & Ulte



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