Why Neutrals Make Classic #OOTDs

October 9, 2017

Happy Monday, everyone :)


As you guys know, Connie and I spend A LOT of time together (especially for two adults who are not roommates HA!)... so I'd say we know one another pretty darn well.  In fact, we've discovered we have our own second language.  This makes us really amazing at games because we can easily guess what the other person is thinking, but it also makes us really terrible conversationalists because no one else understands where our minds go.  Our mind-meld can be both fascinating and frustrating for our significant others LOL. 


However, as business partners and creatives, this makes us extremely efficient and we know each other's tastes and styles very, very well.  Whether we're shopping at World Market or Michaels or picking Christmas trees, 99% of the time we'll be able to guess what the other person will like.  And when it comes to clothing, it is absolutely no different. 


When I look at Connie's closet, it's mostly neutrals.  That is her jam, her 'go-to', and it's what she naturally gravitates toward when it comes to taste.  What's brilliant for me as a stylist is that it makes it very easy to come up with looks for her because she's already abiding by a simple rule.  When it comes to curating your closet, one easy option for a chic style is always picking and choosing neutral colors.  Neutrals, be it in the home or on the body, can create a sense of clean, calm, and classiness!  This is absolutely key for a girl-on-the-go because you don't have much time to think about color combos.  And this is exactly why we chose this #OOTD.



Connie is wearing the "Love of My Life" midi dress from Free People.  We were at the store together and both of us immediately gravitated towards it's beauty.  Among the bright colors and deeper fall tones was this sandy-colored dress quietly stood out among the flashier patterns.  It's sexy, romantic, and extremely comfy!  



 There are so many details we fell in love with, which include this adorable knotted cuff for the sleeve.  It is self adjustable so it can fit to your size.



We also love the tortoise shell buttons because they're a gorgeous accent to the color of the dress without being too distracting.  The beauty of neutrals is that it allows you to wear brighter or more exciting statement pieces, like her chunky gold bracelet!



Another cool thing about the buttons is that it leaves room for some fun.  You can decide how much leg you wanna show off!  



I mean, this outtake says it all HAHAHAHA!  OW OW!!



We also love the plunging neckline.  For broader shoulders it is always best to wear tops with lower necklines to elongate the neck and attract attention away from them.  The empire waist creates a cinch so it shows off your curves in all the right ways!


And to make her model legs even longer, we found these amazing heels from Steve Madden that were perfect for this dress.  They're on MEGA SALE from $99.95 to a whopping $39.98!  





Love of My Life Midi dress $108 - SHOPPING TIP:  Connie is wearing an XS, which she normally wears a M in other stores.  Check the size chart to see what will fit best on you.


***UPDATE ON THE DRESS:  I went into the store and they said people have been having difficulty finding it online.  Sure enough this link isn't working properly.  The dress is, however, available in stores under the color IVORY.***


Jodi Heels $39.98



So if you're looking for a classic style that will last every season, start with a great neutral piece!  It's the easiest way to curating your new chic closet :)




Soma & Ulte






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