Home Sweet Home

October 13, 2017


By now y'all know we love mixing up our decor based on the season or by holiday; I mean, there's a reason we plan our entire business by color of the week. But if there's no holiday coming up or special occasion I tend to decorate with a lot of neutrals and a lot of texture. It's actually very similar to my wardrobe. I love adding splashes of color or an unexpected metallic here and there but the thing that always gets my design heart fluttering is lots of warm tones and natural elements

In fact, a lot of what I use to decorate is what I find out and about. The drift wood hanging on the mantle was found at one of my favorite beaches and the wheat plume things (I have no idea what those are called!) I found when my boyfriend and I pulled over on the side of the road while on a road trip

 I also love to bring decor home from my travels. It's a great way to not only remember your favorite trips but it also keeps your home from feeling like a page straight out of a catalog; its something only you will have! I got this made while on vacation in Sayulita.

Even when I add in more color it tends to be very subtle; a simple cactus goes a long way for me. As I mentioned before I like adding in bits of metallics, my boyfriend and I built this credenza completely based on wanting to have sliding brass doors.

We started the home side of Soma & Ulte because of my love of decorating and trying to fill my home with as much unique and handmade decor as possible and that's what I hope to bring here to all of you. And I wanted to give y'all a sort of "look inside" to see what my personal style is! Happy Friday!!



Soma & Ulte



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