Celestial Pumpkin Patch

October 20, 2017


 Every year when Halloween rolls around we're always trying to come up with new ways to decorate and especially to carve pumpkins. Goodness knows there's an abundance of pumpkin decorating ideas out there in the interwebs but we like to keep things a little more natural and organic. Don't get us wrong, we totally see the appeal of donut painted pumpkins or neon colored pumpkins but it just doesn't have the same charm to us. So when coming up with carving ideas I used June's wedding as inspiration which had an entire celestial theme and voila! Constellation pumpkins!


Start by cleaning out your pumpkin as you would for any other carving project, then print out any constellation shape you like. Initially we wanted to do the Cancer constellation (my sign) and the Aries constellation (June's sign) but as it turns out Cancer and Aries must be the most boring constellations; whomp whomp. So instead we just picked the ones we thought were prettiest which ended up being Sagittarius (my dad's sign) and Virgo (my nephew's sign). Once you've printed out your chosen constellations tape it to the pumpkin.



Then using whatever sharp pointy tool you have (I used an ice pick but a chopstick or bamboo skewer would work too) poke holes in the pumpkin where the stars are 

Then remove the printed constellation and go back in with the ice pick and widen the holes a little bit to ensure light from the candles have enough space to shine out through

 Once you've got your "stars" to the size you want, go in with a small paring knife and connect the dots according to the constellation

Then proudly display your work! Obviously we took these pictures in daylight but they look so cute lit up at night!

Happy almost Halloween y'all!



Soma & Ulte 





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