DIY: Halloween Sunnies

October 27, 2017

Let's face it, as we get older the chances to go all out for Halloween on the 31st happen less and less. It's one thing if it falls on a weekend but when it falls on a Tuesday like this year there's just not enough time to make it from work to a Halloween party. So I came up with an idea I think is perfect, enter these Buggy Sunglasses. They take next to no time to make, easy to throw on after work, and make quite a statement!

Start with a cheap pair of sunglasses (we got ours from CVS) and some black creepy crawlies. We got spider rings, centipedes, and snakes all found at the 99 cent store; and bust out your hot glue gun

You can really design these any way you like! I chose to start by gluing centipedes on either side of the sunglasses





From there I glued a snake across the right side of the glasses so it crawled from the middle to the bottom corner.


Then I cut the ring part off the spider and glued one to the top right hand corner of the sunglasses and one to the bottom left corner of the sunglasses. Then I went it and filled in any of the empty spaces with more snakes and centipedes. And keep in mind you can cut them in half to make them shorter for whatever space you're filling

This is about as scary as I get when it comes to Halloween costumes; I usually lean more toward the fun side of Halloween. Just try not to scare yourself too much while making them! :)


Then add some black lipstick and you're good to go! I used THIS one from Katy Perry's line with Covergirl and it was perfect; easy to put on and build up the color and the semi-matte was perfect because it wasn't super glossy but still felt nourishing. I hope this helps all y'all working on Halloween get to your holiday festivities in time and still feel appropriately dressed up! 



Soma & Ulte






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