How To Style A Longline Vest

October 30, 2017


Happy Monday, everyone:)  Today's post is dedicated to my new favorite Fall piece, the longline vest!  For those of you who are unfamiliar, the longline vest is basically a sleeveless coat that has a length that falls at the knee or lower.  It's ranges from a statement piece to a casual layer.  The idea is to give warmth to the chest on days that is too cold for just a sweater or too warm for an entire cozy coat.  It's also a chic way to dress up your outfit if you want a different alternative to the puffy vest.  Depending on the style of your longline vest you can definitely dress it up or down... and I'm gonna show you exactly how to do that today! 


I found my wool double breasted Longline Vest at Nordstrom Rack.  It's Rag & Bone and it's our splurge piece of the day since it's marked down to $189.  It's no longer available online, but you can go to your local store.  Dont worry!  I'll post alternatives and cheaper options at the end of the post!






As I was mentioning in the LBD post last week, velvet is a huge trend this season and it's taking over all of the stores!  I particularly love it because I'm a huge fan of anything soft, comfortable, and (for the donut lover in me) stretchy!  Although this dress may look like one piece, they are actually separates, which makes for more bang for your buck.  It's also unlike other velvet pieces because it has a tiny pleated pattern that creates magic in the light!  You can see how luxurious it looks in this close up.  



What's great about a longline vest is that it can help accentuate your waistline if it has more of a structure.  This top and skirt alone is kind of boxy on my body and a tad bit oversized, but because of the lines of the vest you would have never known!  This particular vest comes with a pocket, lapel and buttons so it definitely was made with the intention of being more like a jacket.  



I'd wear this outfit to my next holiday party or to a work event.  Since it's short sleeved I'd definitely choose to wear it on a warmer fall day if I'm going to be outside.  However, with longline vests you can wear it with any sleeve length.  That's the beauty of it!!  You can keep yourself cozy and stylish depending on the layers you wear underneath!



To round out this whole look I found these amazing velvet boots!  You'll see that I've chosen to wear it with both OOTDs because they're a pretty great staple.  However, if the blue velvet is too much color for you, it also comes in black!  You can basically wear your longline vest with any basic dress or dressy pants as long as it matches your vest's color palette. 






Rag & Bone 'Faye' Double Breasted Longline Vest $189.00 (sold only in Nordstrom Rack Stores, but not online)


Cheaper Alternative to the Rag & Bone Longline Vest $68


Free Press Skirt $32.97 (sold in Nordstrom Rack Stores, but not online)


Free Press Top $23.97  (sold in Nordstrom Rack Stores, but not online)


Edit Blue Velvet Shoes $59.99




Here are a few other dressed up versions of the longline vest! 

Click image for source.










It's as easy as pie!  When wearing a longline vest you want to streamline your look because these vests are usually very long and narrow.  Adding too many poofy layers won't really work and you can easily add weight to your body without meaning to!  The best ways to keep that from happening are to pair it with your skinny jeans or any form fitting pair of pants.  This will help to elongate your legs.  Heeled boots also help for that!



Then you can throw on a form fitting sweater.  I found this gorgeous midnight blue sweater from H&M and I fell in love!  Make sure when choosing what top to wear underneath your vest, that the sleeves are not too large or thick.  You want to make sure to maintain a more form fitted look underneath.  I could easily wear this with a cream, white, or black sweater.  If you want more warmth you can also wear this longline vest with a turtleneck.  It's truly such a simple way to take your look from every day to chic!  



For some bling I wore a longer two-tiered necklace and earrings to match.  Again, not much is needed because this vest already does so much!  I could just as easily worn it with no accessories at all and it would still be stunning!





Rag & Bone 'Faye' Double Breasted Longline Vest $189.00 (sold only in Nordstrom Rack Stores, but not online)


Midnight Blue Sweater from H&M sold out, but here's an alternative from Banana Republic


Black high waisted jeans from Madewell $128


Edit Blue Velvet Shoes $59.99





And here are a few dress down versions of the longline vest I love!

Click image for source.






Happy shopping!



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