DIY: Holiday Confetti Crackers

November 3, 2017

As far back as I can remember party crackers have been a part of the holidays; they were always on each person plate as a part of their table setting. And the best part is that you can dress these up any ol' way you like!

Here's what you need to get started:


Craft tubes or old paper towel or toilet paper rolls

Crepe paper

Cracker Snaps



Chocolate or candy

Double Stick Tape


Start by cutting your tube in half so the cracker pops more easily

 Then place your tube on your crepe paper and put two pieces of double stick tape on the edge of the crepe paper so it sticks to the tube


Then start to roll your tube up placing your cracker snap outside the tube so it gets rolled up in the crepe paper as well


Then cut your crepe paper and tape that end to the rest of the roll


Then cut the excess paper off of the end and tie the end off with your ribbon

You'll be left with one side tied off and the other side left open. This is where you'll fill your cracker


Fill it with as much candy and confetti as you want or will fit. As far as I'm concerned the more confetti the better!


Then tie off the other end and trim any bit of the cracker snap that is hanging out longer than the crepe paper. And don't forget to curl your ribbon


And there ya have it! Now go out and have fun with em!

Like I said, you can dress these up any way you like. You can use wrapping paper on the outside, use burlap, sequin ribbon, or twine to tie it. Really the sky is the limit! I love the idea of these being used for gender reveals too! Keep the exterior neutral like with our crepe paper then fill it with either pink or blue candies and confetti! Now y'all better get cracking, Thanksgiving is only THREE WEEKS AWAY!!!!!



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