DIY: A Christmas Advent Calendar

November 10, 2017


 I know it may seem too soon to be thinking about Christmas but really Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away and if you're making your own advent calendar you'll want to have it done before the 1st and preferably before Thanksgiving so you can freely enjoy your turkey and pie! And this one is easy as...well, pie!

For this you'll need:


Burlap bags


Mini clothespins

Berry garland

Wreath and number stamps

Stamp pads in both Red and Green



Start by stamping the wreath on all your burlap bags in the red ink


Then using your number stamps with green ink stamp the numbers 1 through 24 on your bags in the bottom right hand corner. Then set your bags aside for now.


 Now measure out the length of string you'll need. Stretch it from one side of the chalkboard to the other leaving a little drape in the string then tape it to the back. You'll staple gun it to the back later making sure it stays but taping it for now allows you to adjust the length once the bags are clipped on if needed.

Then using your mini clothespins clip your bags along the stings

Do this until you have all your bags clipped onto the stings. At this point you can staple gun the strings on the back once you're happy with the placement and draping.


Now enlist the help of a friend with drawing abilities (or you if you have said skills) to decorate your board. June wrote "Merry Christmas" on our board with a Christmas tree and snowman but feel free to decorate any way you like!

Now decorate your board with your Christmas berries and poinsettias

And now for my favorite part. Many advent calendars are filled with chocolates or candy (which I'm all for) but I love the idea of each day being a good deed! So write up a list of 24 random acts of kindness


Then cut them up into small pieces to fit inside each bag


Then fill 'er up!

And go ahead and throw in a little chocolate too for good measure!


Now display your new Christmas Advent calendar and have fun counting down the days til CHRISTMAS!!!!!


Happy Friday y'all!


Soma & Ulte













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