What to Wear to Your Next Work Party

November 13, 2017


Now that the holiday season has started, there are going to be more parties to attend.  The one thing that can be frustrating is figuring out what to wear to your work event.  What is appropriate? What will stand out from your regular office attire?  Well today we are going to give you our favorite new #OOTD for your fall time festivities.  



Let's handle this first... what is appropriate?  Well, I suppose that depends on the nature of your job.  I know I can get a way with wearing something more sexy or revealing because I'm a stylist by trade; however, for my office/corporate friends this may not be the way to go.  There is a way to balance both, though!  As you guys may have noticed, I am a huge fan of the cold shoulder.  I've worn it for the June of the Jungle post during the summer and now I've found one for fall!  It's a wonderful balance of being elegant and classy without being completely conservative.  



The mock turtleneck style makes it work event appropriate, but it has cascading ruffles from the front that goes all the way to the back that gives it an after hours feel.  The silky gold fabric makes it romantic and luxurious ... perhaps it even gives off some modern Belle vibes :).  



I wore these Vanessa Mooney beaded earrings to match the color scheme of the top.  It is made of tiny gold and pearl white beading and overall it's a great statement piece.  With a top this interesting you can definitely go with some simple gold studs, but for a work event or party I would encourage you to go bold! 



Another way to make this work party appropriate, but also stand out from your regular office attire are these velvet pants from French Connection!  They are a wide leg cut and are a bit cropped.  This is amazing for me because I'm 5'4 and longer pants don't necessarily do much for my smaller frame.  The pants are also super soft and are more fun than your usual polished suit pants.  



What's most appealing for me is that these velvet pants have an elastic waist!!!  I know, I know... I hear you saying "June, are these party pants or friggin' pajama pants??"  Well, can I say they're both?  HA!  The stylist in me loves them because I can make them high-waisted pants and utilize the elastic band as a belt.  The food lover in me is obsessed because the elastic can expand with my belly as I chat it up with coworkers at the dessert table without them even knowing it.  Win-Win!



And to match those velvet pants you'll want this gorgeous framed velvet Satchel from Sunset and Spring!  Not only is it a vintage inspired purse with a matching handle, but it even has a detachable adjustable shoulder strap for the days you just want a cute cross-body.  




And, of course, don't forget your black suede heels for a finishing touch.  It really helps to add height for these cropped velvet pants because if you're short like me already, these wide leg pants could make you look even shorter if you wore them with flats.  Adding a nice heel will not only elevate your height, but it will take your #OOTD to the next level.  You'll surely be turning some heads at this work party!





Ella Moss Gold Top $138



French Connection Velvet Pajama Pants $128



Steve Madden Black Suede Heels $99.95



Vanessa Mooney Beaded Earrings $40.99


Sunset and Spring Framed Velvet Satchel $125








Soma & Ulte




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