#Real Talk: Ulte's Wedding Photos Part 1

November 15, 2017


And after weeks and weeks of anticipation, we were finally blessed with the most beautiful pictures from Little Boat Photography!  My husband, Jace, and I could not be happier with all of the joy, tears (oh so many tears), and laughter Safeena captured and we are super excited to be able to share our day with you guys.  It could not have happened without the generous help of all of our friends and family and we want to thank everyone for making our dream wedding(s) happen!!  So without further ado, here's a slice of what was a monumental memory for Soma & Ulte...






My morning started off bright and early because I couldn't fall asleep.  With all of the bustling activity leading up to the week I felt like a bit of a zombie and I found myself wandering into Connie's cabin for comfort.  "I can't believe it's here!  You're getting married today!!"  Connie says to me ... and like that, the floodgates opened and both of us just start crying and hugging each other.  I knew I wanted to tell her how much she meant to me, how I could not have planned any of it without her help through every step of the way, and how grateful I am for her quietly being my anchor through the stress leading up the wedding; however, all that my tense throat could muster was a sobby "Thank you."  We had jokingly said for weeks that we were going to have a separate soulmate ceremony for ourselves and somehow at 7am, we managed to sneak one in.  It was the perfect way to center myself before I got swept up in the chaos.



My brides babes (Connie, Neela, and Ashlee) and my Aunt helped me get ready in my cabin.  As you'll see in the gallery, it's quite a process.  There are so many pieces involved and it took all 4 of them to get me primped and pretty.  Literally, takes a village!  Meanwhile outside, everyone was being gathered around for the start. 



I was lucky to get a quiet moment alone with Jace beforehand because it made my growing nerves totally disappear.  I got a little lost looking at him because he was so incredibly handsome in his Thai costume .... like my very own prince.  :)



We walked "down the aisle" holding hands- ready to embark into a foreign, exciting, and new tradition together. 



Once we are seated, his parents hung floral garlands around our necks.....



....and then my parents placed a holy thread on our heads, which is supposed to unite us both physically and spiritually. 



Then came the super emotional part of the ceremony.  Each guest was asked to come up, pour holy water out of a shell onto our hands, and were asked to give us blessings.  This was so special to us because we got to share a wonderfully intimate moment with every single guest.  Some friends wished us a long and happy marriage, some family wished us a great life together, and then my Uncle wished us lots and lots of babies.  This made everyone crack up!



I don't think there was a dry eye around, but no one could beat this moment my father had when he gave his final blessings to each of us.





My absolute favorite outtake below!



Overall, I'd say it was an overwhelmingly joyful ceremony and Jace and I feel incredibly lucky to have been surrounded by so much love. 


Stay tuned next week for the American ceremony pictures!




Soma & Ulte




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