A Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY

November 17, 2017


I know we've been saying it for weeks now but seriously, can y'all believe Thanksgiving is next week?! Well before y'all get going in the kitchen we have a quick and easy project that is perfect for your Thanksgiving table without spending the big bucks on a floral arrangement! All you need is some spray paint and some tomato sauce cans!


More specifically you'll need:


-Tomatos sauce cans (6 if you're going to spell out "THANKS") We used Hunt's sauce cans because the insides are already a little gold but you can use any cans you have. 


-Gold spray paint


-White spray paint




-Duct tape


-Hammer and nail


-and your letters printed (I just googled letter templates and found a font I liked)


To start you need to empty out your cans, remove the label and clean them completely. Then fill your cans with rice and water; I did about half full of rice then filled it to the top with water. The rice will help later on soak up a little of the condensation when you're hammering. Let these freeze overnight.

Once you have your frozen cans, place your letter on the can where you want it. I printed our letters to be 3.5" tall


Then put your duct tape on one side of your letter and wrap it around to stick to the other side of the paper. The tape won't stick to the can so you have to wrap it all the way around from one side of the paper to the other

If you cut it too long and it covers part of the letter just trim it down a little


Then start hammering following the lines of the letters. Now, the paper will get wet as you go along and make it a teeny bit difficult so I found it was easier to work on the smaller parts first; like the bottom of the "A"

Like I said, as you're working the can does get wet, this is what it will look like as you're working. Once you're done run the can under hot water to get the ice and rice out and fully clean and dry the cans. Then spray paint the insides gold and let them dry. Then flip them all upside down and spray paint them all white

Then put your candles in the cans and you're all set!


Such a pretty and cost efficient centerpiece that adds just the right amount of mood lighting!


Happy almost Thanksgiving y'all!


Soma & Ulte








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