Hot Chocolate Bar

November 24, 2017

Happy day after Thanksgiving everyone!! I know what y'all are thinking; we're all still so stuffed from yesterday (and maybe some leftovers for a midnight snack :/) but Thanksgiving is just the mark of the start of all the holiday festivities. A hot chocolate bar is the perfect option when throwing a holiday gathering and don't want to make an entire meal


Start by making a big batch of hot chocolate, we use THIS recipe

 Then set out your hot chocolate with all the toppings. We did pirouette cookies, marshmallows, crushed up graham crackers, whipped cream and chocolate sauce. We also love using peppermint sticks, cayenne pepper (for mayan hot chocolate), and toffee bits too but given our copper color story this week we chose to leave those out. But you know our motto for food is always the more the merrier!


Now get in there and enjoy!! And hot chocolate is also a great compliment to some black Friday shopping, just sayin!



Soma & Ulte


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