#Real Talk: Ulte Wedding Pics Part 2

November 29, 2017

 Photos by Little Boat Photography



Even after 2 months of being married to my best friend I still have to pinch myself to think that I get to call him my husband.  The word has so much joy, love, and happiness, but it also comes with a huge sense of responsibility.  Here I am, committed to another human being for forever.  I get why some people aren't into this idea.  It's a scary thing thinking that I'll be with one person for the rest of my life, but a the end of the day Jace and I believe in this concept and we value the hardships that will inevitably come along with growing up and growing old with someone else.  We've seen both of our parents successfully navigate these tumultuous waters and can only hope we can be lucky enough to have a fraction of what they've built as a family. 


Each of us spoke in our vows of the love we hold for one another and we both addressed why we chose to be each other's companions.  It was heartfelt, tearful, honest, and (for better or worse) completely unrehearsed.  I think I blanked out about what to say initially because I felt so overwhelmed by my emotions and momentarily felt extremely vulnerable about pouring my heart's devotion to an audience.  To this day I don't exactly remember what I said to him, but after we rehashed that day I think our biggest takeaway was that we wanted to express how imperfect our relationship is and how real every single challenge we faced before getting to this point.  It's so easy to get lost in a wedding and think ... oh this is magical, this is so romantic, they are each other's "the one"... but what people don't remember is that a real marriage is not picturesque.  Life is beautiful, but it is also full of the dark, deep, and gritty stuff.  Over the years, we have seen some of our darkest times together and that can be absolutely terrifying.  We all have demons and skeletons and if you have the courage to bare your entire soul to someone and they STILL want to hold your hand through it all, this is something to keep.  I think this is why I didn't have cold feet or was second guessing this huge commitment.  I know the core of him - through and through- the good, the bad, and the ugly.  


I suppose this is why I look at these photos and feel so proud of our adventure.  Although this was a huge day in our lives it is not everything.  It is the day we could express our love in front of others, but I think we knew a long time ago that we were in this for the long haul. 


Here's to 100 more years of growing better together as imperfect individuals.  




Soma & Ulte




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