How To Get The Most Out Of The Holidays

December 1, 2017


Merry December y'all!! We are smack in the middle of the holidays and we couldn't be happier about it! The lights, the music, the movies, and the food are enough to make anyone put an extra pep in their step. But lets be honest, along with all the excitement comes a bit of stress. There's the cost of plane tickets (if you don't live near your family like June and myself), figuring out what to do with your pets if you have them (I have two kitties, Noah and Cora), there's the cost of gifts for everyone, and none of that even covers all the family drama that is the basis for all the best Christmas movies. So even though we love the holidays and everything that comes along with it it's important to remember to take time for yourself. Sometimes we can feel guilty for prioritizing ourselves, especially women I feel like. So this is all about what you do to take care of you!



There's a reason cooking, baking, and home decorating is what I do for Soma & Ulte, it's genuinely what makes me happy. And sometimes making something as simple as sugar cookies can be the most fun because it's all about decorating! 

And one thing that I love to do but always seems to get pushed aside is simply reading a book. I have started this book THREE times and it's so good! (I'm reading Into The Water) But every time I start to read I think of all the things I "need to get done" and down goes the book. I am vowing right here and now I am going to finish this book before Christmas! Y'all are holding me to that! 

Regardless of what your "thing" is, whether its reading, cooking, working out (I wish that was mine!), taking a long hot bath, or just sleeping, remember to take that time to yourself to truly relax and unwind and take care of you too this holiday season! 



Soma &  Ulte





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