7 Ways to Wear a Cape-Scarf

December 4, 2017



Only 22 more days until Christmas and we are decorating every corner of the house!  Connie and I both have our trees up and have started adding our ornaments.  This year, I've even decked out my little balcony with solar powered twinkly lights, which are gorgeous and amazingly resourceful.  We are also prepping for company and getting giddy over all of the holiday parties we'll be going to.  My first one for work is actually this Friday!  Are you guys having a Christmas party?



Although it's been pretty warm in the sunshine this past week in LA, the temperatures at night have dropped significantly to a brrrry 40 something degrees.  You'll find both Connie and I wrapped up in 5 sweaters, flannel bottoms, and fuzzy socks.  Most nights my husband wraps me like a blanket burrito!


Because of the weather change, it can be kind of difficult trying to figure out what to wear to your next holiday party (especially if you wanna stay warm).  However, I have come up with the best accessory/solution this winter...




(fyi:  a cape scarf is just like a regular scarf, but with armholes)



The PLAID CAPE SCARF that I fell in love with this season is from J. Crew. It's normally $75, but if you use the code: MONDAY, you can save 25% off!!!  I'm not sure how long this sale will last so I'd grab it now before they sell out.  I know it seems that there is only one way to wear this cape scarf, however, today I'm going to show you all of the ways you can style it, which will really give you a bang for your buck.



1.  The Traditional



Just throw it over your shoulders and stick your arms in the armholes.  Not sure why I'm standing like I'm gonna break into a Christmas carol or like I'm pregnant with a food baby, but this gives you overall warmth around the arms and also gives you the freedom to use them.  No more silly slips of a regular shawl!  



2.  The Simple Drape



I mean this one is such a no-brainer, it's just laughable (get it??).  Or maybe the scarf is telling me the best joke and it's just cracking me up!  Either way, it's super easy because you scrunch up the scarf and then throw it over both sides of your shoulder.  You're my best friend, scarf <3




3.  The Belted Vest



This one is a crowd favorite only because it's pretty genius and, of course, chic!  


1.  Stick the end of your belt through the left armhole.  

2. This is a close up of the same thing for those of you who are as blind as me.

3.  Bring the belt around your back.

4.  Loop the end of your belt through the other armhole.  Make sure it is being looped UNDER the drape.

5.  Make sure the belt is cinched over the fabric on either side.  Belt it.

6.  Scrunch all of the fabric over your neck to reveal your arms!




3.  The Belted Cape



So take the same idea as the belted vest, but instead of scrunching up the material at the end you just leave the fabric down over your arms.




4.  The Little Plaid Riding Hood



And if you just take the belted cape and pull up the back fabric over your head, you get a handy hood for the extra cold or even rainy days!





5.  The Belted Half Cape



If you don't want the sleeve length of the the belted cape, there is always the option of cutting it all in half!  


1.  Fold your cape-scarf in half, lengthwise.  Make sure to place the fold that has the armhole towards the center of your body.

2.  Stick the end of your belt through the left side of your armhole.

3.  Wrap the belt around your back.

4.  Place the end of your belt through the fold of your cape-scarf and through the other armhole.

5.  Adjust your belt to your waist size.

6.  Voila!


You can even pull the cape-scarf off of your shoulders slightly for a sexier look!






6.  The Good Ol' Scarf



If you have a jacket and just want to use the cape-scarf as just a regular old scarf, here's a handy way of tying it!


1.  Start with the scarf draped down both sides of your shoulders.

2. Stick your hand through the left armhole and hold the other end of the fabric with your right hand.

3-4.  Stick the fabric in your right hand into the left armhole and pull the fabric through.

5.  Take the fabric from your left shoulder and pull it up over your right shoulder.






7.  The Plaid Skirt



I'm not sure if anyone has come up with this, but I was messing around and discovered this new use of the cape-scarf.  Although I don't recommend throwing it on as a stand-alone skirt (it will be quite breezy for your nethers), it's a great way to hold your scarf if it gets too hot ... and it's just fun cuz it turns into a fringe dress:)


1.  Start off with the belted cape (see number 3).

2.  Take your arms out of the armholes and out of the center of the garment.

3. Pop the fabric off your shoulders until it drapes to your sides.

4.  Tug down the front of the cape-scarf until the fabric on the back of your waist lays flat against the small of your back. 

5.  Tuck in the extra fabric into the backside of your belt.


Shake your booty to shake the fringe!  Promise it'll make you really happy :)







J. Crew Plaid Cape-Scarf $75 (on sale now with code: MONDAY for $56.25)


J. Crew Green Velvet Ruffle Hem Dress $118 (on sale now with code: MONDAY for $88.50)


J. Crew Classic Black Leather Belt $39.50 (on sale now with code: MONDAY for $29.63)


Aldo Black Velvet Heels $90 (on sale now for $63)


Rebekka Minkoff Green Tassle Earrings $58









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