Mini Christmas Tree Display

December 8, 2017

Merry merry Green week everyone!! How amazed are y'all by how many ways June figured out to wear that "Scarp"?! Well we have some big news here at Soma & Ulte (well, big to us anyway) my boyfriend and I are moving and that means we'll no longer be a 5 minute walk from June anymore (June and I have been crying about that for a few weeks now) but it's also really exciting! The new place offers so much more of what we really want out of living in LA but it is smaller than our place now so in the coming year we'll have some great small living solutions for y'all! But to start we want to show you that even if you have a small place or living in an apartment you can still decorate your place for the holidays to the nines!

There are so many beautiful mini trees out there that you really can have the perfect tree without feeling like you're missing out on anything. The biggest thing about decorating a small space is to make it all still feel clean and not like Buddy the Elf took over while you were sleeping! (We love you Buddy!) And we feel like the tree looks so good all on it's own just a string of wire lights is all you really need! And because most tree skirts are made for bigger trees, just setting your tree in a basket works perfectly! Plus we love the simple scandinavian feel of it. Add a cozy throw to the mix like THIS ONE and you have your whole scene set!

Sticking with the clean Scandinavian vibes I wrapped the presents (or empty boxes for shooting purposes) in plain brown paper and adorned them with simple string and some greenery from the tree!

As for that bell garland, I made it! I I bought THESE cute little bells and tied them to some rope, and voila! 


And now for a new fun little game, we're showing y'all what actually happens when we're trying to shoot.


My kitties love to get in on the action, and my little one (Cora) couldn't get enough of this blanket. If that doesn't sell it I don't know what will! Can y'all spot her in these pics? It's our own little where's Waldo.


Cora making her way around the tree.

And there she is!


Hope y'all are having a great December so far and that you found this helpful for a small living Christmas solution! And we'll be keeping y'all up to date with the move and promise lots of before, during, and after pics!!



Soma & Ulte 





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