A Draper James Merry Giveaway & Highlights of the Year

December 20, 2017

For our final week of giveaways we are giving away a pack of 4 of the ridiculously cute Merry and Bright Cocktail napkins from Draper James! 

Obviously these would be the perfect addition to any holiday table or bar cart, and they're even cuter in person! All the same rules apply, to enter visit our instagram account, follow us and tag two friends you think would love these as much as we do! 


And as our final Wednesday post of the year we decided to do a recap of all of our favorite looks and projects of the year! It's always so fun to look back on the year and relive all the happy memories!




Connie's Favorite Projects:


Galentine's Day Cookies:


This was our very first post when we came back for the year and it's still a favorite! June and I had so much fun being back to our S&U work and I loved that we started out with our love for our girl gang!


Nearly Naked Cake:


My favorite things in life (other than my family and friends of course) are the beach, flowers, and baking, and this combined the last two! Had I been eating it on the beach it would have been the trifecta!


A Beachy Keen Tote:


Remember how I just said the beach was my other favorite thing? Well I got to make this project while actually sitting on the beach! And this was the first time we used my handy dandy pom pom makers which I've been obsessed with ever since!

Floral Chendelier DIY:


This was one of my favorites for a couple reasons. One being that June's mom was in town when we made this one and she not only helped me with making it but made our visit to the flower market so much fun! The other reason it's a favorite is because it ended up being inspiration for June's wedding decorations!


Beach, Please Sun Hat DIY


And we're back at the beach again, are y'all noticing a theme? And any time there's a pun to be had I'm in!


Indigo Fringe Wall Hanging:


This was a project I had wanted to make myself for the longest time and just hadn't got around to. Something that makes me so thankful for S&U is that it sometimes gives me that push to make the project I may be putting off!


A Thanksgiving Centerpiece DIY:


I loved this one because sometimes when I start a project I have no clue how it'll actually turn out! This was one that I was afraid may not turn out the way I'd hoped and I was very happy with the outcome!


A Christmas Advent Calendar:


And last but not least, this one was a favorite because Advent Calendars have always been a big tradition in my family and I loved honoring that and putting a new spin on it by making our own!




June's Favorite Projects 



Galentine's Day Fashion 


Honestly, I love all of the OOTD projects where Connie and I get to be in photos together.  Not only is it more versatile to show our different styles, but it's also WAY more fun to have your partner-in-crime / soulmate to goof off with and have a million outtakes together.  This project was super special to us because it kicked off the year celebrating our girl gang and our gratitude for female friendships!



Vintage Dress Makeover OOTD


I loved this project because I got to do one of my favorite hobbies, which is hand sewing.  I find it absolutely relaxing and, ultimately, much more DIY friendly than a sewing machine!  And usually Connie takes all of the fashion photos of me, but this was one of the first times my (now) husband took over!  Considering I was redoing a wedding dress, this was a really sweet memory we now both share before getting hitched.



OOTD: Festival Fringe DIY


This was one of my absolute favorites because it was such a fun and creative DIY and I just love how it turned out.  Connie originally came up with the idea to dip-dye this yarn for her wall hanging and I thought long and hard about how to tie it all in with the fashion section.  I had no idea whether or not marrying a crochet dress with some yarn would turn out, but somehow it ended up being the  fringe dress I've always dreamed of!  Who knew!



We Will We Will Rock You OOTD


I just remember that this was so fun to style because Connie and i got to get in touch with our badass glamour side.  To this day we always joke around with each other that we should have a band and this photoshoot basically made our dreams come true.  It was also really cool to play with a black and white theme because it's a neutral that we rarely get to play with on the blog!



Unicorn Squad and Sneaker DIY


I still CRACK UP when I see the images of us wearing ridiculous unicorn tees and horns and just having a blast on the beach!  Not only was the sneaker DIY super fun to do and easy... it was also an opportunity for Connie and I to show off our child-like joy and wonder.  Yeah, we're 30's going on 13... and damn proud!



Tangy Tangerine OOTD


I remember the day we discovered the joy of the Walt Disney concert hall in downtown LA and we were absolutely in awe of its majesty.  At this point I had said I wanted to experiment and try to do a more editorial style for a photoshoot and boy did we have so much fun with it!!  Not only was it amazing to challenge myself to move my body in unusual ways, but Connie had a blast behind the camera.  We're both really proud of how it turned out, cuz at the end of the day, we're both still amateurs!



Retro Rollerskate OOTD


Since the beginning of Soma & Ulte, Connie and I have been talking about how much we wanted to do a photoshoot that encapsulates our love of the beach, fun outfits and each other, and this was the first time we felt like we finally made it happen!   We also knew it was going to involve wheels of some sort and although this was originally supposed to be us on a tandem bike (LOL) we opted for the rollerskates instead.  Gotta say, we were not disappointed.  #Soulmates4Life




7 Ways To Wear A Cape-Scarf


And last but not least, I loved this post because it really challenged me to figure out multiple ways to style a single article of clothing.  Although I do it every day for my job, I really felt like this cape-scarf pushed my creativity to the limit and it's so satisfying when I figure out something new!  When I turned the "carf" into a skirt I think I twirled around the house like a crazy ballerina for about 20 minutes.  Okay, okay... it was more like half an hour haha :)


So there you have it... the magical highlights of 2017!  Tun in on Friday when Connie does our last home post of the year!!!!




Soma & Ulte

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