A Christmas Cocktail

December 22, 2017

Happy three days til Christmas!! So I have to be honest, the motivation behind this Christmas cocktail is actually from a song I have loved since I was a kid. Is anyone familiar with the Sammy Kershaw song "Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer"? When I told June the title of this song she burst out laughing and said "in some ways we couldn't be more different!" It's so true, while we are soul mates and have tons in common, my love for country music is met with a bit of confusion and returned with June's love of pop music. So, in this song there is a line that says "I ordered her a sloe gin fizz" and ever since hearing that line I first wanted to know what a sloe gin fizz was and once I found out, wanted to try one and have only just now made that happen! And naturally we gave it a Christmassy spin!

To start mix 2 oz of sloe gin

 With 1 oz limoncello

Fill with ice and stir stir stir. If you have a shaker go ahead and shake shake shake!


Then sprinkle bits of rosemary in your glass and muddle them

Then fill your glasses with ice and pour the sloe gin and limoncello mixture over the ice and top with club soda


Then garnish with a sprig of rosemary and some cranberries! And enjoy! Just a quick note; this recipe yields 1 drink, multiply for as many drinks as you're making. And to give y'all some mood music to accompany your cocktails I bring to you one of Sammy Kershaw's greatest hits!


Queen Of My Double Wide Trailer...you're welcome!


And we want to wish y'all a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy Happy New Year because this is our last post of the year!! I can't believe it's already been another year. We are so thankful for each and every one of you supporting us and we can't wait to get back to y'all after the new year with LOTS of new projects! My brain is already spinning with new ideas! Y'all mean the world to us so thank you from the bottom of our hearts!




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