We're Baaaaaack!!!

January 29, 2018


And after our usual holiday hiatus, we are finally back on the blog and even giddier than ever!!!  Not sure how this is possible, but every time we do our first post of the year it always feels like we're doing it for the very first time. 



We're bubbling over with ideas, talking a million miles a minute, singing and dancing even more than usual, and just HYPER over being back to our personal play time. 




Not sure you can tell in these pictures, but we love ... and I mean loooooove this blog and, of course, each other.  In our quest to conquer adulthood we find that we can suffer from going into auto-pilot:  wake up, go to work, be responsible, blah blah blah.  And it is no wonder that we feel completely energized when we're together for Soma & Ulte because we have a reason to escape our "normal" lives to tap into our most creative, child-like, and goofy selves.  



So when we were discussing what we should be doing for our first fashion post, we knew we wanted it to be a celebration of fun, but we didn't really have a direction.  But then the Universe bestowed upon us these sunny SOULMATE pullovers while we were shopping and it was like the the lights of heaven were shining down on them.  I mean what?!?!  Could it be possible that we stumbled on the perfect top with our namesake in the right color? 



So much yes!!



So I hopped on Connie's back and she walked us over to our second home (the beach) and we decided that this first post was going to go back to basics:  simple jeans and a top never hurt no one!  So here ya go... our first fashion post, but mostly, just pictures of us being super happy and grateful to BE BACK!!!!!
















TOPSHOP Cropped Soulmate Sweatshirt for $50


Madewell 10" High Rise Skinny Jeans for $135 (Connie's Jeans)





Abercrombie & Fitch High Rise Super Skinny Jeans on sale now for $35 (June's Jeans)




Happy to be reunited with you guys!!




Soma & Ulte



P.S.  Thanks to my husband, Jace (the 3rd to our "Triplettttts"), for taking these amazing pics and making us laugh until we snort <3.


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