Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Bestie/Soulmate

February 7, 2018

It's been HILARIOUS because the past few weeks as the stores have been putting out their Valentine's Day goodies, Connie and I have consistently seen the cutest friendship gifts....however, each and every time we stumble upon something new we love, we both look at each other and say "DANGIT!!!  WHY ARE YOU WITH ME!!!" because that thing we both love is exactly what we'd gift to one another.  We've seen so many options to give to your best friend that we decided we would share our findings with you here.  So here ya go, our favorite Valentine's Day gifts to give the Soma to your Ulte!


1.  Soulmate Sweatshirts for $50

Do these look familiar?




2.  Best Friends Tees for $19.95


If you're confused, this is NOT us.



3.  Ride or Die Rings for $58


These have been real convo starters when we wear them LOL




4.  14K/24K Partner in Crime Necklace Set $114


Childhood throwback, but adult bling!




5.  We are so NSYNC for $22


Even if you're a BSB fan, I think you can get behind this one


 6. Besties Book for $15

I mean, the title says it all

 7.  You're My Person Mug for $20

Because we all need coffee (Connie) or tea (June) first thing in the morning and this is just about the cutest mug we've ever seen!



Which one would you give your soulmate?




Soma & Ulte


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