Why You Should Wear Lavender on Valentine's Day

February 12, 2018




Happy Monday everyone and Happy Lavender Week!!  Since it's only 2 days away from Valentine's Day, I've been going into major sentimental mode and watching some of my favorite rom-coms.  Last night I rewatched Sweet Home Alabama and I think tonight I'm going for The Wedding Singer (I know you can't see it, but I just did a little happy dance in my chair).  If you haven't watched the latter yet, there's a song in the movie that will make you overwhelmingly joyous-- you'll just laugh and get all warm and gooey inside and you'll just get so emotional because you'll just LOVE love and everything in the world will feel right. 


Psshhhh I'm not crying right now... you're crying! 



But, yes, needless to say I'm a hopeless romantic and so is Connie so it was only fitting that we chose one of the most romantic colors in the crayola box for the pick of the week.


Historically, the color purple is usually related to royalty because it used to be such a rare and costly color to create.  Only the "rich and famous" would be able to afford such luxuries.  Because of its ties with kingship it is often associated with nobility and masculinity, which makes it entirely unsurprising that its softer, lighter counterpart (lavender) would be tied to youth, vitality, and femininity.  I mean those reasons alone made me consider wearing only lavender from now on.  When you're in your 30s and you know you're no longer a spring chicken, these things and a great skincare regimen become really important lol. 


On top of that, the color lavender has been known to symbolize devotion, purity, and love!  What more could you ask for this Valentine's day?  Well hmmmm .... now that I think about it some of you naughty folks might be doin some pretty impure things this holiday (aaayyyy), but devotion and love are pretty universal :).  And I'm not just talking about having that with your husband or girlfriend or significant other.  I'm talking about yourself!  If there is one person in the world who might need devotion and love, especially during this holiday, it should be you.  Cuz I truly believe the saying that you can't love others until you love yourself.  So make like me... go wear some lavender and be a princess for the day!  










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And for a bonus reason to use this color on Valentine's Day, apparently lavender roses "are thought to be almost mystical in nature.  With a meaning tied to enchantment, desire, and magical love, it is often associated with love at first sight."  I have no idea if this is true or just a clever marketing scheme by this flower shop, but the hopeless romantic in me wants to believe!  




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