Where to Stay and What to Do on the North Shore of Oahu

February 21, 2018


If you read THIS post from last friday or follow us on Instagram then you know my fiancé and I were on vacation in Hawaii last week. I had been to Hawaii before but this was his first time which if you know him you know that's crazy! He's a surfer through and through. He has traveled all over the world for waves and still somehow never made it to Hawaii! Well we finally remedied that and had an amazing time! This is just a recap of where we stayed and what we did so if you find yourself on the way to Hawaii any time soon hopefully this will help!


On this trip we only stayed on the North Shore, we were lucky enough to have some friends on the island to sort of show us around and their place is beyond amazing!

They live on a farm where they grow everything from avocados and mangos to cocao pods and passionfruit (what they call lilikoi). This place was seriously our dream home. If we could have a farm and garden right by the beach we would be in heaven!!

 I mean this is their own yoga deck for cryin out loud!


They also have the cutest little 1 year old girl who I immediately grabbed a hold of and never let down!


We stayed at THIS Airbnb right on the part of the beach called Rocky Point which is just down the way from the world famous Pipeline and Sunset Beach. It was a quaint little A-frame house right on the beach and so perfect! 


As far as what to do when you're there it's pretty obvious, go to the beach!! Whether you like to surf, swim, or just lie in the sun there is a beach for you. We spent the majority of our time at the biggest waves on the island and I'd never seen waves like this in real life! What you see on movies and pictures really doesn't even do it justice. I watched my fiancé surf 26 ft waves and if you ever wanna feel tiny I suggest this for you! It's seriously unreal! There is also every kind of water adventure you could want to do there, there's parasailing, kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving...truly everything. But my favorite places we went to was the Waimea Botanical Gardens and Sharks Cove.



 The garden was filled with every kind of tropical flower you could ever want to see, and the smell hits you as soon as you're there. As we were walking through we must have talked about how incredible it smelled at least a dozen times. And the colors were equally as stunning. And the whole trail leads you to a waterfall!

There are so many waterfalls in Hawaii and the one's you find when doing true hikes are the best but this is a great one if you're not physically able to do a strenuous hike or just don't have that time. The only bummer about it is that there's a "life guard" stand set up by it and they require you to rent a life jacket if you want to go in. Again, if you find one on a hike you obviously have more freedom.

 And what was probably my favorite place on the whole island was Sharks Cove! Yall, this water was insane! It's a natural reef pool; just on the other side of those rocks behind me is the ocean. That why there's a little mini waterfall behind me too, the waves break over those rocks. The whole thing was filled with so many bright, colorful fish and so warm because it's so shallow. I just can't say enough about this part of the beach, just promise me if you go you'll go to Sharks Cove ok?


As far as where to eat we definitely had a couple meals that were overpriced and not that great but we did find some real gems! If you go there you HAVE to eat at Ted's Bakery! I have to admit that once we discovered this place we had it for breakfast every day! They have incredible baked goods as well as the best breakfast sandwiches ever! Not the healthiest place (far from it) but so worth it!


Another thing we ate on a daily basis there was açaí bowls. We love açaí bowls, we make them here at home all the time and we found two great places for them. One was a food truck called Crispy Grindz it was the real deal and so delicious! The other was Banzai Bowls. This place had a much bigger menu including pitaya bowls and you could make either kind of bowl any way you wanted. And the portions were huge, you could easily share one for two people.


Our other favorite food on the island was another food truck called V-land Tacos and it was sooooooo good!! My fiancé got the fish taco bowl and I had the vegan bowl and I'm not sure which one was better because they were both too good! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!


Our week in the north shore was nothing short of magical and we can't wait to go back some day, hopefully soon!! If any of yall go you have to tell us if you check these places out and let us know of any places you discover!



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