3 Gingham Playsuits You Need This Spring

February 26, 2018


March is just 3 days away and we are counting down to spring.  Honestly it can't come quick enough for us!  We feel you snowy weather, friends!  It has, shockingly, been so frigid here in LA that I've broken into my east coast gear from over the holidays and burrito-ed myself in thick scarves and head-to-toe fleece underwear.  Let me tell you.... it is the epitome of sexy.  Rawr!  Seriously though, all this chill is achieving is inspiring me to plan what to wear when the heat comes back and also planning to run away to the tropics.


When I think of spring what comes to mind are fresh plants, flowers, and Easter egg hunts and picnics in the park, which automatically makes me think of one of my favorite spring time fabric, GLORIOUS GINGHAM!!!  I swear it is not just for your picnic table cloth, lol.  In fact, it's a style that is and has been wildly popular in men's and women's fashion alike.  So here are my top 3 gingham playsuits that you'll wanna wear when the weather gets warm or your sending us selfies from your yacht in paradise:


1.  Emerald Simon Romper for $148


Not gonna lie... I'm 100% in love with this so this is the splurge worth spending.  


Why do I love thee... let me count the ways!



Super sexy plunging neckline, which is perfect for showcasing accessories.



It has a tiny rolled sleeve to balance out the super deep V.  




It has a self tie belt that is attached at the back... you'll never have to worry about losing it!



And you can tie the belt however you'd like.  I did it down the front, but if you tied it on the side you'd be able to see the adorable buttons that go down the front of the crotch.




And last, but not least, it is so comfy you'll be ecstatic you got it!


2.  Gingham Double Layered Playsuit for $12.50


It's cute, it's off the shoulder, and it's on sale for a ridiculous $12.50.  I know I had to balance out the earlier splurge and I'd say this is a success.




3.  Knot Detail Playsuit for $35


If you guys didn't know, I'm a huge fan of knots, especially around the breasts.  It's got such a retro vibe and it really puts the play in playsuit!  On top of it all, this particular one has POCKETS.  I know that's a game changer for 99% of the ladies I know, including me!





Happy shopping and think warm thoughts out there!!!




Soma & Ulte


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