Athleisure: How to Look Chic Without Trying

March 5, 2018



As you guys know, I love working as a full time wardrobe stylist and costume designer, but what you may not realize is that it's not always as glamorous as it seems.  Yes, I get to put gorgeous ladies in couture gowns, I get to dress some pretty awesome actors and actresses, and sometimes I even get to travel to exotic locations for a gig.  However, sometimes I'm also waist deep in 100s of stinky socks and sweaty jock straps.  Football movies are kinda the worst, lol.  So if you think I'm making things happen while strutting around in stilettos then you are sorely mistaken!  A day on set can last up to 18 hours plus (eesh) so a good pair of flats, low heel boots, or sneaks are my ultimate go-to's.... as well as a no-brainer, comfy outfit. 


(Enter... the athleisure #OOTD) 




For those of you who don't know what athleisure is, it's a fashion trend that apparently originated with the rise of yoga pants.  It's kinda hard for me to imagine a life without yoga pants now, but less than decade ago it wasn't even a thing in the fashion world!  But once people started wearing yoga pants to grab their groceries, to the mall, and even to sleep (guilty), the versatility in transitioning from the gym to every day life created a boom for these versatile clothes.  It became SO popular over the past few years that fashion designers have dedicated entire lines to athleisure wear that are not even remotely meant to be worn for working out.  On top of pants, there are now shoes, tops, and even sweats!  So you can see why I would love love love to wear this trend/style to work!  I can feel like I'm wearing pajamas while still looking put together, and the best part is that it takes ZERO effort.  



The first athleisure outfit revolves around this retro inspired Adidas ringer tee.  Sadly, it's already sold out at Topshop, but you can still get it online at Urban Outfitters!  It's super soft and oversized.  I'm wearing a small and it's intentionally baggy.  I did the good ol' front tuck to accentuate the waist.  



To dress it up a bit, I chose to wear it with a cigarette pant with the hem rolled up.  You can definitely wear this tee with a jogger style pant if you want to go full on athleisure, but I prefer mixing styles.  Here's a pair of joggers I would choose.  Click the image to go directly to Athleta!






 (My Hangry Face)



And of course, I had to accessorize with my Sk8-Hi Vans.  Love these for my every day casual shoes.   





Adidas Originals 3 Stripes Ringer Tee for $35


High Waisted Cigarette Pants for $38



Sk8-Hi Reissue Sneaker for $69.95


Eyeglasses for $9.90





My second favorite athleisure outfit is this skirt/sweatshirt combo!  First of all, the sweatshirt says 'soulmate' so Connie and I HAD to get it.  Our ultimate goal is to collect every single shirt that says our namesake and eventually fill our future office with them :).  



Other than the words, another reason why I love this sweatshirt is because it is sooooooo soft inside.  It's the kind you want to snuggle up in!




Because the sweatshirt is so oversized I decided to pair it with a short skirt to balance out the sex appeal. 






And, AHHHHH I haven't been this geeked out about a pair of shoes in a while, but I'm SHOCKED that I love these Michael Kors Sneaker Booties so much.  I was a little skeptical at first with the design, but after putting them on and feeling like I was wearing pillows from heaven I am now sold.  They're also perfect for the girl-on-the-go because they're so easy to slip on.  The tapered ankle is flattering and slimming if you're worried about cankles.  They're also perfect with any athleisure gear I currently own.   Mega win!








Soulmate Sweatshirt for $52


White Skirt for $35


Michael Kors Skyler Sneaker Booties for $145


Black sunglasses for $7.90



Happy Shopping,


Soma & Ulte


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