2 Ways to Wear Romantic Ruffles for Under $35

March 12, 2018



We are only 8 days away from Spring and what a better way to celebrate than getting extra sunlight!  It means more time to get some rays and also more time for get things done without feeling like a sad grumpy Gus.  I feel like the weather completely dictates my mood.  Does this happen to you guys??


Well to keep things light, airy, and happy for ringing in Daylight Savings time, we chose a color that's a Soma & Ulte staple.  We decided that this week we are going to cleanse our visual palette and choose white on white on white on white.... lol.  I know, it's one of the most difficult colors to keep clean for klutzes like me, but it's also one of those neutrals that looks great on almost everyone.  It's pretty universal, but like any color you have to find the right shade for you.  


Here's a helpful breakdown of what white might be right for you... and it's naturally, from a wedding dress website:


• Fair Complexions

If you have very fair skin, a warm shade of white with a touch of yellow in it will add some warmth and a glow to your skin. A stark white will only wash you out.

• Olive Complexions

If you have sallow or olive skin, whites with a pink undertone (sometimes called cool whites) will balance things and give you a fresh, dewy look. Shades to consider might be champagne or rum white. You can also wear silk white, which is slightly less stark than pure white.

• Medium Complexions

If you have medium skin that is pinker or has blue undertones, try some of the creamier ivories and whites. These have a rich yellow undertone that will keep you from looking too flushed and red, and will complement your complexion.

• Dark Complexions

If you have a deep skin tone, almost any shade of white will look lovely against your skin. The only exception may be if you have dark skin with olive undertones—in that case, try to steer clear of yellow-ivory shades.


I have an olive to dark complexion (when I'm super tan) with golden and yellow undertones, so like they said, I steer clear from yellow-ivory shades.  It definitely makes me look pale and icky!  You can usually tell if a white is good for you if your skin starts looking radiant and does not look washed out.  



So today we have not one, but 2 #OOTDs and I'm pretty ecstatic over them both because they're romantic, flirty, fun, and most importantly, they're both under $35!!!!  



The first look is a ruffle jumpsuit and Connie and I fell in loooooove with it!!  I put a retro spin on it by adding my polka dot bandana around my neck and my usual cat eye sunnies.  I think it can definitely stand alone without any accessories because of the ruffle, but a little flair never hurt no one :)  If you want to go even more retro, you can take this same bandana and wear it like a headband around your head.  Check out our previous post for 4 ways to style your bandana!



For cute accessories, I found this silver ringed purse that also can be a crossover and I chose an adorable bow tied heel in black to match my polka dots.  This look is perfect for dates, weekend getaways, or brunches with your besties!  





Outrageous Fortune Bardot Tailored Jumpsuit with Tapered Leg for $34


Polka Dot Bandana for $12.50


Dixie Heels on sale right now for $49.98 from $99.95


White Cat Eye Sunglasses for $14




The second look is great for beach days, warmer spring days, and of course, for the hot summer heat!  It's a lightweight material that loves to blow dramtically in the wind.... like you belong on the latest romantic novel cover!!  HA!



It's simple, sophisticated and a total no-brainer because it's only $32!!!  Doesn't it look way more expensive than that??



Again, we've got some pretty ruffle action going on and what's great is the elastic at the top is VERY forgiving of any breast and shoulder size.  And what's great is that the smocked waist cinches in as a built in belt!  This allows the rather large ruffles to become quite flattering for most body shapes!



Because of the bright sun, I chose a faux straw hat with a white ribbon tie.  It's great for practical purposes, but it's also pretty darn cute!




And to elevate the look with our even without the hat, you can take your casual dress and make it more upscale with a matching earring.  I particularly loved this one because it reminded the shells and rocks I collect in the sand.  



And if you're outta the sand and ready to walk around, I highly recommend these espadrille wedges.  They're not only pretty, but they're surprisingly comfy.  They're a bit high if you're not used to wearing taller heels, but wedges are always good training shoes.  I've never been a huge Michael Kors person but after giving some of his stuff a try, I actually think it's worth spending $$ on it because my feet are so delicate these days.  These barking dogs need clouds from heaven!!!  





River Island Bardot Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress for $32


Michael Kors Penelope Espadrille Sandal Wedges for $139


Bow Scarf Floppy Sun Hat for $44


Raw Stone Threader Earrings Set for $28


Round Straw Bag $28





Happy shopping and have a great week!!!




Soma & Ulte


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