DIY: Circle Shelf

March 16, 2018

Happy Friday y'all!! I hope you had a great week and I hope you're feeling up for a DIY this weekend (I know St. Patricks Day might change things for some of you ;) but this little circle shelf is as handy as it is easy!


I really apologize for the lack of how to pics (with mine and June's busy schedule it isn't always possible to get together for photo shoots) but hopefully I can explain the steps clearly enough. And if anything isn't clear PLEASE don't hesitate to email me with questions and I will answer them as quickly as possible!


Ok, so here we go! To get started you'll need two wooden rounds (I used THESE), a pencil, a tape measure or ruler, a table saw, wood glue, a drill, some screw, hooks or knobs, a saw tooth picture hanger, a hammer, paint, and a paint brush


1. Start by measuring the middle of one of your wooden rounds and draw a line all the way down the middle of it. Drawing the line will make it easier to cut


2. Saw one of your wooden rounds in half along the line you drew in step 1


3. Paint your full wooden round white (the you didn't cut in half)


4. Once the paint has dried, nail your photo hanger to the back of your full circle round in the top center (this is where you will hang it on the wall so make sure it's centered)


5. Using wood glue, glue one half of your wooden round the the center of the round that is still full (this semi-circle piece will work as your shelf)


6. Once glue has dried, drill 2 holes in the back of your full circle along the same line as your shelf (one on each side of the center. I drilled mine about 3" in from the outside edge) through to the semi-circle shelf. This makes your shelf a bit stronger than just glue alone.


7. Then drill two holes underneath your shelf for your knobs or hooks. I put these about 2" in from the outside edge


And that's it!!


The best part about this low profile shelf is it's versatility! Above I have it as a shelf you can use to hold knick knacks by the front door and the knobs can be used to hold purses or hats

 Or you can use it in the bathroom to hold your perfumes and jewelry and use the hooks to hold a hand towel

 And it's super easy to change up the size by using bigger or smaller wood pieces!

I chose to keep it by the front door and since taking these pictures I have changed the knobs out for these hooks to hang our keys on. It ended up being more useful for us than using them for my purse or hats


So what do you think? Do you think this is a project you'll make? We'd love to hear your feedback or how you make it your own with your own unique spin! And have a happy and safe St. Paddy's Day!!



Soma & Ulte 



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