Decorating With Spring Florals

March 23, 2018

Tuesday marked the official start of Spring (can I get an Amen!) I really hope it's starting to feel a little bit more like spring where you live. I know we're sissies here in LA but I tell you what, I can't remember a colder winter for us! The upside being that it brought some much needed rain. But now we're ready to move right on to spring and summer; who's with me??


Along with spring comes spring cleaning and maybe a little decor refresh! And target has everything you could want! (this is not a sponsored post but come on, who doesn't love themselves some Target?) The moment I saw this Plaid Ottoman I was smitten! Is it not just the cutest?! And I love mixing patterns, especially gingham and florals, there's just something so springy about it. Maybe it's because gingham reminds me of a picnic. So along with the ottoman I picked up these super pretty Watercolor Floral Lumbar Throw Pillows. And I'm gonna show you a couple ways to style these ottomans!

The first is using the ottoman as a center table between two chairs. It's prefect for holding a tray for drinks and flowers. You could also put a lamp on there or stack your favorite coffee table books! Even though it is soft, it's firm enough to hold decor too!


The second way is using them as actual ottomans! Genius I know! Although they are a bold pattern, the color is "quiet" enough that it isn't overwhelming having two to them; even in my small space!


I know some people run away from anything to floraly for fear that it will be overwhelming but I think mixing them with other patterns actually helps to soften them a bit no matter how bright the colors. And who couldn't use a nice breath of fresh spring air right about now?!


Happy First Friday of Spring!


Soma & Ulte



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