Easter Brunch Table Setting

March 28, 2018

My three favorite holidays in no particular order are Christmas, Fourth of July, and Easter. I love Easter so much, firstly because of what the holiday represents, it's such a happy celebratory day and means so much for me and my faith. But I also love it for all the activities that now accompany the day. Easter has always been special in my family; every year my sister and I woke up with an Easter basket full of goodies at the foot of our bed and to this day my sister and I still make easter baskets for each other and send them to one another if we're not going to be together. And now I have my sweet little nephew and niece to make baskets for too!!





Another favorite part is everyone gathering together for brunch/lunch and easter egg hunts; and I'm so happy I finally have a place to entertain outside! If you find yourself hosting a brunch this year, fear not, I have decorating tips to help you through! You've already got enough on your plate planning the menu so why not make the table setting simple. Much like June's Monochromatic OOTD, sticking with one hue will make any setting instantly chic!

Clearly we chose an all blue look and the options out there right now are endless! If you're going to go for an all new look when you're hosting (and like me, you don't have a bajillion dollars to spend) I always make a bee line straight for Target and World Market. 

These Blue and White Placemats are from target are perfect for outdoor entertaining because they're made of 100% vinyl so they can withstand any weather and they're only $3.99 a piece!

As for the actual place setting I went with layering with plates and napkins, it gives it a more casual feel while still looking polished and put together. I used THESE white plates that I've had forever as the base for everything followed by THESE napkins from World Market that they have in every color of the rainbow. My splurge pieces were these Mimira Canape Plates from Anthropologie, I loved the fun stripe pattern and loved how the gold splatter mimicked the speckles of a birds egg and the eggs I used for the place card.

And speaking of place cards, are these little White Organic Bunny Egg Cups not the cutest thing you've ever seen?! Obviously they're not actually meant to be a place card holder, they're for  soft boiled eggs, but when I saw them I knew I had to incorporate them into the table setting some how (and bonus! They're on sale now!!) Then I found these cute Pastel Eggs and decided to write everyone's names on there and use those as the place cards!

As for the tablecloth itself I found this adorable Beatrix Potter tablecloth from Pottery Barn Kids and instantly loved it, the Peter Rabbit scenes on it are just too sweet! Though please don't do what I did and forget to iron it! (insert embarrassed emoji here!)

 And the final touch for your Easter table (or any table really) is the flowers. I love a big dramatic floral arrangement as much as the next gal but I never like them for a dining table because you can't see the person sitting across from you! And because I love hydrangeas so much I went with a simple low sitting arrangement of three hydrangea poms running down the table. And you really don't need to get fancy here, the flowers are enough on their own, I just put these in small drinking glasses!


I hope this inspires you for your Easter table setting and if you're not hosting and just attending a brunch, the pastel eggs and bunny cups make a perfect hostess gift!


Happy Four days til Easter yall!


Soma & Ulte



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