Malted Coconut Bird Nest Bundt Cakes

March 30, 2018

On Wednesday I talked all about how to set the perfect table for your Easter brunch, but now I'm focusing on what to serve on it. More specifically, what dessert to serve! If you know me you know I have a serious sweet tooth, especially for anything cakey! When I was trying to decide on the right dessert to serve for Easter that went with our monochromatic table setting I came across THIS layered cake from Southern Living. Obviously this one is a show stopper and perfect for any Easter brunch, but I wanted to take it up just one more notch! So I turned that layered cake into individual bundt cakes made to look like a birds nest!


 I used the same recipe as the Southern Living one above but I poured the batter 3/4 of the way full into THESE mini bundt cake pans and baked them at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes. When it came time to ice the cakes I was initially going to go with the drizzled icing you usually see on bundt cakes but ultimately decided the thicker buttercream frosting gave it more of a nest look so I stuck with the same frosting recipe as well.

One thing I love to do (that I learned from the Barefoot Contessa herself) is to incorporate the flavors you cooked with into the garnish. Since this is a malted coconut cake I used shredded coconut to make the "nest" of the cake and malted chocolate eggs for the, well, the eggs!

That's literally all there is too it! These mini nest cakes are arguably so much simpler to decorate than a layered cake, which means more time to enjoy the party and the cake!


Yeah, I had to go ahead and taste a little myself ahead of time; this is how happy cake makes me :) And even though we clearly gave this cake an Easter theme, it's so delicious you could easily make it for any other occasion!


I hope y'all have a happy and blessed Easter this Sunday!



Soma & Ulte 





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