The Psychological Benefits of Wearing Orange

April 2, 2018




Did you guys have a great, relaxing Easter weekend?  Connie and I spent it together, working on this week's post and truly getting excited about what we have in store for you this week.  Honestly, we're thrilled about this whole dang month!  So without further ado, we are kicking off this entire month to our complete love and obsession with *drumroll*.... FRUITS!  So today we're starting it all of with orange.



Orange is a pretty magical color.  It has so many psychological benefits and it, not surprisingly, is associated with the fruit itself!  When you break open an orange, the aroma is so distinct, fresh, and you just want to breathe it in.  It wakes you up... and it's probably a reason why orange juice is such a popular choice for breakfast.  The fragrance is so refreshing that even when you don't have an orange fruit in your hand and you just see the color, your brain will still stimulate itself in the same way.  According to Leatrice Eisman, executive director of the Pantone Color Insititute, the color orange is such a stimulant that our body will immediately associate it with energy!  



So for that very reason, you should wear orange when you're feeling a little lackadaisical because more likely than not it will give you a good old emotional boost.  Orange is a mix of red, which is associated with aggression and passion, with some yellow, which is happy and youthful.  So it is a very enthusiastic, extroverted, and optimistic color!  It's a totally appropriate color to wear if you wanna be seen.



Oh hey, world, I'm here!  I have arrived!!



The color of orange is also beneficial because (according to the Psychology of Color) it is a great color for courage and rejuvenation.  Apparently, the color can helps restore our energies as well as giving us the courage to be accountable for our actions because it is a color that calls us to attention! ... like a caution cone lol.  I mean, nothing sexier than wearing a caution cone color HAHA!  But for real, it is a wonderfully gorgeous color to me. 



So go ahead and sport some orange if you feel like taking over the world!  It'll make you happy, optimistic, courageous, and it is also associated with creativity.  So keep that in mind the next time you feel grumpy, pessimistic, scared, or going through a road block!






Abbey Jumpsuit 


Dolce Vita Jonee



Beaded Shell Tassel Necklace




Sending positive vibes,


Soma & Ulte


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