"When Life Gives You Lemons" OOTD

April 9, 2018


Yes, Connie and I are in our 30's, but that doesn't seem to matter much to us.  We are soulmates, best friends, kids at heart, and dangit, if we wanna have a slumber party we're gonna do it!  And if we wanna wear the exact same pajamas and have a "twinning" moment, well we can...because we can both afford to buy them and we don't have to wait to save up our allowances anymore!  I mean there are just so many perks to being an adult LOL. 



Almost every week, Connie and I are either in planning, shopping, or shooting mode for the blog, which means it is very rare that we don't see each other.  For a moment in time I thought that since she moved we might see each other less, but it really didn't change much for us.  In fact, we may actually be seeing each other more because we have to plan in advance!  And every time we see each other, we always make it a point to take a breather, catch up, goof around, or just kick back and watch Magic Mike XXL.   We have no clue why, but that movie just really helps us relax...HA!



Ultimately when we're together, everything is better.... no matter how bad our day was or if our DIY projects didn't turn out the way we expected.  So really you can say that when life gives us lemons, we certainly make delicious lemonade!  And what better way to live out our philosophy than to wear it!!  So in honor of lemon week, I found these adorable pajamas for you and your best friend.  



 Of course, a really adorable detail are the embroidered lemon boobs....



We clearly dig 'em!



And what more could you want from your pajamas than some super comfy and warm leggings to rock in bed, around the house.... or if you're bold, to the grocery store!




Connie particularly loves them because the leggings actually come in TALL for those of you who are vertically blessed like she is.  



Honestly, just wearing them around made us feel awake, cheerful, and totally playful!  So if you're searching for a great pair of pajamas that will make your day, look no further :)







June's Embroidered Lemon Pajamas (petite- regular) $24


Connie's Embroidered Lemon Pajamas (TALL)  $24







Soma & Ulte




P.S.  Here are this post's bloopers....










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