The One Thing You Own That Never Goes Out of Style

April 16, 2018


One of the things I love about my job is getting to know so many different types of people and their careers.  I've styled actors, lawyers, moms, CEOs, doctors, and athletes to name a few!  I've encountered a plethora of personalities in over a decade of work, and at this point I could easily write a whole book about the intricacies and sensitivities that are involved in dressing the human body. 



How can you hide trouble spots?  How do you make someone shorter look taller?  How do you turn a human into a giant whiskey drinking wolf?  Yeah, okay, that last one was one of my more unique job experiences, but I have definitely learned so much over the years.  I definitely don't claim to know everything, but one thing I do know for sure is that the clothes don't make the man or woman.  In fact, my job is mostly the icing on the cake.  



When it comes to giving style tips, I could probably (nerdily) go on for hours lol.  However, there is one thing that everyone already owns and it never ever goes out of style, and that is....


...your INNER JOY. 



Sure, you could scoff at this and say it's not even a styling tip, but it's truly something that I have consistently seen in all of my success stories.  I could have the most beautiful actress in front of me with flawless skin and a perfectly proportionate slim, yet curvy body, but there would be no amount of clothing or makeup or compliments that could make her feel beautiful. 



Style isn't just about being able to dress well.  That is a misconception.  Style is about how you carry yourself, how you confidently embrace your flaws, and how you can genuinely express your authentic self.  I've been around millions of dollars worth of gowns, jewels, and the epitome of luxury, but none of that could ever hold a candle to a happy person.  I have seen that, firsthand, time and time again. 


So I love my job because I get to experience different types of exciting people, but most importantly, I get to help them tap into that inner joy, which is timeless, and above all else, is priceless.




Soma & Ulte





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