#RealTalk: An Off Day

April 18, 2018



Ya know how sometimes you just have an "off day"? Whether it's that you feel like nothing in your closet looks good on you or you feel like your brain is scattered in a million different directions or you just can't manage to communicate with anyone correctly, an off day just sucks! I was having one of those days yesterday. And with this social media obsessed world we live in; sometimes those feelings can be intensified.


I know tons of people have written about the love/hate relationship with social media. On the one hand we can "connect" with people all over the world we never would have known of before and it's an incredible way to find new artists, writers, designers, anything really! But along with that comes the feeling that everyone else has their sh*t together more than you (or at least I feel that way sometimes). And that is because it's a platform that you can 100% control and curate to look exactly how you want it to look. And June and I are the queens of that! I'm mean our weeks are literally color coded! But I fear that with all these beautifully curated feeds comes an extreme amount of pressure we put on ourselves.


Remember that off day I was talking about? Well yesterday June and I got together to shoot more content for S&U and I was PREPARED! Or at least I thought I was. I made the yummy recipe ahead of time to make sure they turned out, I had lots of options for props for the pictures, and I had our "set" all cleared out and ready to go. But then we started taking pictures and everything was just falling flat and I couldn't figure out why. We tried mixing up the angles, swapping out props, even changing the location and we were still underwhelmed with the outcome. And while we did manage to eventually get shots we liked it took much longer and much more problem solving than we were used to. Sometimes June and I get really lucky, we have a shoot idea in mind, we location scout, we bring everything we need for the shoot and we get the shots of our dreams in 30 minutes flat. But ya know what, that aint always how it goes! And yesterday was a good reminder of that. After the shoot June and I had a nice talk about why we were feeling frustrated or disappointed and ultimately it came down to both of us feeling inadequate. And that is totally because of the pressure we put on ourselves to be perfect all the time. Maybe you too are having those same feelings. Whether you're looking at someone else's feed that's filled with trips to exotic locations or they live in the house of your dreams you have to try to remember you're seeing a teeny tiny fraction of their lives and what they're willing to put up and show you. Or maybe you're trying to create beautiful content for your brand and struggling because you feel like everyone else is getting the shots and you just can't quite measure up. Either way I just want to say YOU'RE NOT ALONE! And I can guarantee if you and I are feeling this way so are a lot of other people. Just try to remind yourself you will get those smooth sailing days again and it's days like yesterday (or maybe today for you) that make you appreciate those easy breezy days a little more. And it's the off days that actually challenge you and make you step up to the next level!


With all that said we hope you're not having an off day and if you are we want to say you are killing it! And we're so thankful for each and every single one of you!


Happy Hump Day!


Soma & Ulte 

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