How to Add Some Fun to Your #OOTD

April 23, 2018


It's not really surprising that Connie and I both love the color white.  It's clean, it's minimal, it's classy, it's the background to our website, and it's a key player in how we make our color stories pop!  Some may argue that it could be a bit sterile or devoid of personality, but it can actually provide a lovely blank canvas for your major statement pieces.  So today, we are showing you how we're using a white backdrop to add some fun to our #OOTD!  



First off, can we please have a moment for this super adorable watermelon purse????  It's a literal slice of heaven and it's even got the "seeds."  It's extremely flat so not sure if you could store a fat wallet in there, but you can definitely keep your phone, cash, and credit cards in there.  Most importantly, it's a fantastic way to add some fun to your all white outfit and it's a great conversation starter at your next outdoor picnic :)




What I particularly love about clothing is that showing your personality can come in all forms.  Some may choose to wear loud prints or a crazy neon, but if your'e a bit on the shy side ... a super easy way to add some flare is to pick some bright shoes.  I chose these Sam Endelman's with the dots as a way to make the outfit more whimsical.  It's also towards the ground so if you're kind of uncomfortable with so much attention around your face, this is a great way to ease into it.   I have a client who wears all black, but loves to sneak in some fun socks for herself.  It's a way for her safely express herself.  You should find ways to make your outfit more enjoyable because it's something you can't seem to avoid doing anyways!  Might as well make it a party somehow!




And, of course, how could I ever forget this hat.  When we are on the beach taking these photos, we inspired so many people to smile... cuz I mean LOOK AT IT.  It's a giant happy hat and it is perfect for protecting your money maker from the sun if you're basking on the beach.  



Notice that the pops of color are pretty balanced out on my body.  When it comes to adding fun elements it can go from classy to kitschy real quick if done incorrectly.  I mean, they're watermelons for goodness sake lol.  However, I think if you're willing to embrace a bit of joy in your life, you can really take the neutral colors in your closet and do a complete makeover with accessories alone.  So try it out next time when you're perusing through your closet.  Find a "blank slate" and Soma & Ulte it up!!  





Straw Floppy Watermelon Hat for $29



White Jumpsuit sold in Anthropologie Stores



Kayu Watermelon Purse for $84




Sam Endelman Addison Heels in Deep Pink for $120



Happy Shopping!


Soma & Ulte





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