Why Is Red Such a Powerful Color to Wear?

April 30, 2018



The color red is one of the most powerful colors to wear in the spectrum.  To the naked eye, humans react to red as a bull would to a matador's flag.  It is commanding, demanding of attention, and not easily ignored, so it's not surprising it is used to, quite literally, stop traffic.  According to the Leatrise Eiseman, author of Pantone's Color:  Messages and Meanings, "it is the most viscerally alive hue, the symbolic color of the heart, strong-willed and expressing strong emotions."  It is no wonder when I wear this that I feel ALIVE!



Not only do I feel alive, but when it is a fire engine red like this dress, I also feel romantic and sexy.  It is no surprise, considering the color red is powerful for it's passionate nature.  Studies have shown that red is the color most perceived as sensual, therefore, it makes sense that it is often popular for branding.  If you think about fast cars, lingerie, or how provocative red lipstick is, you can easily see why wearing red can easily influence the way others see you.... I mean studies have also shown that men were more attracted to women who wore red than any other color in the crayola box!  In the words of Cardi B, I'd say "Okuuuurrrrt!"  



I mean look at me!  I'm dripping in sexy here, don't ya think?  *rawwwwr* LOL LOL



Most importantly, though, wearing the color red could very easily influence the way you see yourself.  It is not a quiet color so when you wear it, you will definitely be attracting more attention.  You could find yourself feeling brave and confident!  



The brighter the color red, the more it arouses even stronger emotions in you!  Have you heard "I'm seeing red?"  Well, there is a reason for that!  It can be dangerous and aggressive, but It is powerful because it can also express a huge positive spectrum as well.



 Here are some positive descriptions that could be associated with you when wearing red:

















Not a shabby list, right??  



So get out there and wear some red...you might find that it's your power color!! 


I'm an Aries, so it makes sense it's one of my personal favorites ;)





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