Cinco de Mayo Table Setting

May 4, 2018

Can y'all even believe it's already May?! I know I sound like an old grandma talking about how fast time flies but for real! Not that I'm complaining, as it's been well documented here Summer is my favorite time of year! And even though Memorial Day later this month is the official kick off of summer, Cinco de Mayo has always felt like it to me!

When I googled images for Cinco de Mayo table setting I found so many pictures of tables that just felt chaotic to me. It is a fiesta and therefor you can use all the colors of the rainbow but in the name of Soma & Ulte we wanted to set a more color focused table that was still fun and festive! And as June told y'all on Monday, red is just the color for that!

To make a monochromatic look work you need variations in that color and different textures. This keeps it from looking boring and like a big blob of that color

For our table I started with THIS red tablecloth from World Market and then put the cutest Kate Spade table runner I found from Home Goods (for $11!!) down the center of the table. This helps break up the giant sea of red on the table. Then again in the name of adding texture I used THESE sea grass place mats. I also like that they are a barrier between the red tablecloth and the white plates. I think the white directly on top of the red would have been a bit bright (but only because we chose a bright red color. If you use a darker red this wouldn't be an issue). For the napkins, this is where I added in a deeper red, and I love the tribal print on THESE. And of course everyone can agree the best part about a Cinco de Mayo fiesta is the margaritas! And I fell in love with THESE margarita glasses, and bonus! They're on sale right now!

As for the "centerpiece" I went in a slightly different direction. I found THIS red lacquered tray while roaming around the store and I thought it would be the perfect thing to corral the drinking glasses and the classic Jarritos . And since the Mexican flag colors are red, white, and green, the cactus was perfect to center right between the two. 

 And that's all there is to it! Now just turn up the music and bring out the tacos and margaritas and you're all set to have a happy Cinco de Mayo!!!



Soma & Ulte




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